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Капли Эдас-111 Пассифлора - Review

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After kindergarten, my daughter started to get sick often. I decided to replenish the medicine chest antipyretic

Gidazepam IC

Mom doctor prescribed as a sedative drug Gidazepam IC. After a week of reception began side effects: drowsiness,

Bactoclav antibiotic tablets

When prolonged disease doctor has prescribed a new antibiotic tablets - Bactoclav. Took only two of the whole package,

Drops under given circumstances from Heel placebo

Drops under given circumstances from Heel absolutely no effect. Our doctor has prescribed for treatment of hypertrophic

Powder Laktiale

Bought baby powder Laktiale to restore the intestinal microflora. The child took the drug for 1 bag of 10 days. But

Bronhoton has strong side effects

Cough syrup Bronhoton has strong side effects: dizziness occurs, the head bad thinks, it becomes difficult to move and

Sugar instead drugs

On Thursday ill with the flu, a friend has brought these miracle pill along with other tools. Honestly expected more,

Medicinal Capsules "Yogurt Rozel" is not always such as

I have problems with the intestines from childhood, so you have to occasionally drink probiotics. The drug "Yogurt

Ear drops Otipaks

Pediatrician prescribed daughter with otitis ear drops Otipaks. Absolutely no effect, it only got worse. The child has

HYLAK FORTE ratiopharm not a panacea

After watching the advertisement from the manufacturer I bought effective for treatment of functional disorders of the

Hypnotic melaxen - strange effect

There were problems with sleep - up to three hours of the night could not sleep after I was carried away. Melaksenom

Metered dose nasal spray, Natural

ENT prescribed in the sinus of Nasarel, as a means of relieving swelling in the nose, among others, of course. I paid

Cough syrup Dr.Vistong

I do not like to stuff the body pills. If you can use the tools and techniques of traditional medicine, I try to give

Spray nasal Nazivin

My daughter is a problem with a spout almost from birth. We have often provided a spout, and sopel′ki does not flow o

Tablets One Dose Salyutab

There was a strong inflammation of the tooth, put some kind of infection in the oral cavity. The dentist gave me an

Удобная упаковка и условия приема, хорошее средство при кашле

История банальна. Простыл, появился насморк, вслед за ним кашель. Это про моего мужа. Дома болеть он не может - работа.

Helps with problems with sleep and irritability in children

Prescribed pediatric neurologist for infants with problems with sleep. We from the beginning went wrong the mode, the

The drug acts immediately omez

A critical attitude to drugs. We drink, drink. A disconcerting. But omez, its effect is immediately noticeable. I have

Eye Drops Alcon Sisteyn Ultra helps with eye fatigue.

Since almost the whole day working on the computer, by the end of the day in the eyes appear dry, even watch something

Принимала во время беременности и кормления грудью

Пила апилак гриндекс (вернее, клала таблетку под язык трижды в день) при беременности и не болела. Еще ела много овощей,

Вот время беременности принимала и не заболела

Я Деринатом во время подготовки к беременности и во время беременности пользовалась. Мне было очень страшно, что если я

Baby Cream "Lifeguard" Alpha Intel, Poland is always at hand.

Bare knees - the trouble is all the kids. How many tears shed because of them. How quickly you want to take away the

Efferalgan syrup for children - an effective tool.

Efferalgan syrup for children I love more than any other similar means. For consistency of syrup, liquid, pleasant to

Ketorol by Dr. REDDY `s LABORATORIES Ltd.-effect comes quickly.

Using ketorol pills for menstrual pain. Satisfied, as the positive effect of the drug occurs within 20 minutes. For me,

Cough syrup with plantain Mukoplant Dr Theiss effective assistance of cough.

Cough syrup with plantain Mukoplant Dr Theiss excellent and effective remedy for coughs. Tested it several times

Ointment "Futsikort" (Ireland) are in good treats diseases of the skin.

Ointment "Futsikort" (Ireland) were used by a doctor against allergic manifestations in the skin. Was not

Alferon helps to fight viruses

I did not take alferon to prevent colds or flu, as sometimes the advice in the pharmacy (it seems to me that proper

Cough syrup, "Dr. Mom" ​​

is almost always accompanied by a cold cough. Doctors usually advise brew pot, but it's not always convenient.

Очень хорошие капли от сухого кашля и от продуктивного

Всю семью лечу Проспаном. Младшему сыночку очень помогают капли. Чтобы вывести сухой кашель во влажный, лично я еще лучш

Nurofen for children from the "Reckitt Benckiser" - helps with teething baby

We have a young child and just teething, which causes great concern the baby, and sometimes even increases temperaturka

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