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Okopnik 911 Twins Tech - Review

5 28.11.2019


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Buy long and parents themselves. I like the composition. excellent ratio price-quality.

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Drops Adrianol irritate the nose

Doctor appointed infantile Adrianol drops. I initially did not understand why my daughter refuses to drip spout

Servier Erespal syrup for cough

Taking cough syrup production Erespal Servier was early on, when the cough was just beginning. But despite taking the

The remedy for colic for babies' Plantex "- did not help: (

About acquire funds from colic for a newborn son, I thought after a couple of sleepless nights. On the advice of her

"Sedasen" can make a person indifferent

During pregnancy, the gynecologist attributed sedative "Sedasen." Its advantage is that it is on a natural

Rosalie Tablets Rosulip EGIS

To reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood the doctor recommended to start taking the pills Rosalie. At the

The Ointment Capsicum Grindex Estonia

I felt back pain, in order to reduce the pain decided to try the ointment Capsicum. After applying this ointment had a

Smectite Powder

I bought a baby from diarrhoea Smectite powder. And gave him to drink 1 sachet 2 times a day for 5 days. In General,

Ингалипт-health Forte.

Pain in the throat doctor attributed Ингалипт-health Forte in the form of a spray for oral cavity, but after a few botto

Lekor (nifuroxazide)

Somewhere caught an intestinal infection, a simple coal was not enough to overcome and symptoms and the pathogen. Time

Acyclovir cream-Farmak ineffective

The main indications for the use of cream for external use only 5% acyclovir-Farmak (Aciclovir): treatment of primary

Nasal drops Nasivin

Bought drops Nasivin on the advice of the pharmacist in the pharmacy. In the end, the desired outcome I never got

Nose spray Tizin

I very often get sick, so try a lot of drugs from a cold. The last time I used a nose spray Tizin. Zacapa them the nose

Foot Cream Avon "Foot Works" "cherry ice" too liquid

I frankly do not like the consistency of the cream: the feeling that it is diluted with tap water. Well, just bent tube

Tobradex from Alcon eye Drops

Eye drops Tobradex from Alcon did not help. Bought because his eyes are red, inflamed. From them even more

A side effect of Ascoril

After a prolonged cough acquired expectorant Ascoril. The action did not have to wait half an hour after ingestion I

Repurchased during the summer, helped the syrup Inspiron

My 15 year old captain or from years of idleness or from the joy that summer in the city came repurchased. Apparently

Ointment "Troxevasin" - a good tool for outdoor receptacles

build muscle mass, wrung out and engaging with dumbbells. But somehow overdone with loads, and after the class

Syrup Enterofuril

Enterofuril suspension for children is very good for the treatment of diarrhoea, the active substance is nifuroxazide.

Drops Hilak forte - helping children and adults.

This product is assigned to me after a course of antibiotics. Drops Hilak Fort normalize the composition of intestinal

Well helps and without side effects!

Transition periods are always sick. This time without the cold not done. Was treated with a new drug - Influnet called.

Healthy breathing

I would recommend anyone to try These classic! Constantly suffer from stuffy nose,thought I might have congenital

Spray for nose and throat Bioparox. Best ambulance.

When colds are best helped spray for nose and throat Bioparox. It suffices to apply it a couple times in the first days

Pills that promote vascular wall Askorutin-effective.

I have a child with low blood pressure, so I often bleed from the nose, which is very hard to stop. Recently I was at

Put a well-deserved 5 stars

Ovarian - modern, safe, but very effective drug, its action I have experienced twice already. To begin with, that the


Recently the doctor prescribed me to drink a monthly course of fleabane, I was worried about swelling in the feet and

Helps keep blood vessels toned.

Varicose veins is a very unpleasant disease, especially when you learn about it during pregnancy, especially when


The change in 42 years. Health and wellbeing is certainly not improved, began insomnia, hot flashes, headaches, mood

Help to get rid of mastitis

Master I was advised to drink a doctor, when I complained about chest pain before the critical days. Said to drink it

Great pills helped me to increase hemoglobin.

With this drug I have encountered several times already, first time was appointed in mid-pregnancy, because I was the

Safety, cleanliness of the skin, regular cycle.

The pill 4 months on the recommendation of your gynecologist, in order to restore the cycle and improve your skin. My

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