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Retisol - Review

5 28.05.2020

Helps fight acne and oiliness of the skin

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My skin is a difficult skin, sometimes dry and sometimes oily( Acne, a skin pass was not good, so I fight with them for a long time. Winter became interested in the peels, I read that retinoidy peeling - just a dream with such skin problems. But he's pretty aggressive, so to the salon I decided not to, instead decided to try the homemade equivalent - peeling ramasola. From the cabin it is very different - first of all, it is made as a course, and secondly, it is much softer, and thirdly, you don't need to be a master in special education, to carry out such a procedure. In the nearest pharmacy, I found retisol spent on bottle 50ml about 400 rubles. It is sold in a glass bottle, which is Packed in a cardboard box, the kit also comes manual. The lotion is a transparent liquid, the smell of alcohol, but not directly to eyes were tearing. When applied to the skin there is no discomfort, only to pinch the first couple of minutes (I applied just to oily areas and problem areas with inflammation), long-term use, you may receive a feeling of tightness, if you do not moisturize the skin well. I started immediately to work on the hydration, I felt that the skin him very much. First week skin sometimes blushed, trying to appear peeling, but with them, I was in and out. Just rate me 4 weeks. During this time the skin stopped being oily, gone Shine, rashes and inflammation all over. Overall I liked it very much, but you need to keep in mind that the use rate is at that time of year when the sun is not really shining (fall, winter and early spring), with sunscreen you need to use constantly, because it's still retinoids.

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