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Erespal - Review

4 24.11.2014

Helps but there are palocci

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Recently a child was unwell and had launched, we cough up tracheitis. We wrote syrup Peculiarities, we drank it by the week. Cough helps well, the cough was pretty fast. taste the syrup initially sweet with a bitter aftertaste, but the child was adopted. Read what is palocci as tachycardia, so that the medicine should be careful

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When the child began cold, we went to the doctor and he us has prescribed nasal spray Aqua Maris. I am completely

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Our doctors are all as one, children with colds prescribe a comprehensive herbal formula from flu and colds Aflubin

Nimesil is not valid!

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic product Nimesil I appointed a dentist after the removal of the doctor, but I would like

Amizonchik-useless syrup from the flu.

A week ago, my son got sick. He started snot and lethargy. These are the first signs of the flu. The pharmacy told me

The medicine proceesed useless

Absolutely not recommend medicine proceesed, as it is useless. The child was a terrible herpes angina, and ENT

With sublingual tablets Traumeel on "Heel" - are a bit worse than the gel of the same name

I used to use gel Traumeel, but then the doctor attributed the pill instead of the gel and the difference is, frankly,

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Syrup Bronchures from Synthesis

Syrup Bronchures cough manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Synthesis (Russia) I am extremely disappointed. Even

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The doctor prescribed a spray Tantum Verde my child, but after a few days of treatment with no improvement, and we went

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This fall saved me from the flu is the syrup. Pleasant to taste, with no unnecessary additives in the form of E-speed.

Prospan cough syrup expectorant

Syrup prospan bought already 3 times, and each time rescued, can't complain! Treated them trudnootdelyaemoy cough,

Hurt without complications

About Citovir learned in the pharmacy when asked for something from a cold, was given this drug is told to take three

With him no more aching joints.

Last year the flu has given complication on the joints began to hurt, especially at night, legs and arms straight

Pantogram nootropic remedy

The first thing I usually do when I buy any medicine for children, try for yourself. So it was with Pantogam, the

Took during pregnancy and lactation

Saw apilak Grindeks (or rather, put the tablet under the tongue three times a day) during pregnancy and was not sick.


Only positive impressions after using Fastum Gel, recently was forced to meet him because I was shot in the back. I

Good and cheap

Acyclovir use for a long time. I often chill on the lips out. And that's how you feel that go to start, smear the

DEXONA-the best pain reliever

Sick the tooth, and I got to the dentist only after 2 days. Had to go to the pharmacy for painkillers. The pharmacist

Nazoneks - nasal drops production of Schering-Plough's son cured adenoids

These fine droplets are treated adenoids, but they must be applied only after consulting a doctor and strictly

Ivy from wet cough

To eliminate a cough for a few days will help gerbion syrup with ivy. Importantly, only treatment not delay, the sooner

Life after menopause is not the end

When I hit the menopause I thought everything came to an old age, besides the menopausal I was accompanied by terrible

Pills that promote vascular wall Askorutin-effective.

I have a child with low blood pressure, so I often bleed from the nose, which is very hard to stop. Recently I was at

with SARS - prevention and treatment

News for everyone who cares about the first of your health and that of their children! :) Mortazavi released a new line

To lose weight great

Students gained ten kilos. Unhealthy diet, frequent stress-all impact on it. As I love the show balanced people,we

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