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Ointment Naphtaderm ZAO Retinoids - Review

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Mucolytic, expectorant syrup AmbroGEKSAL-3 mg / 1 ml, 100 ml did not help coughing.

Doctor has ordered her husband to take AmbroGEKSAL syrup as an expectorant for dry cough. Acceptance of the drug was

Anaferon children is useless

The most useless product that I used. They began to give the child as soon as there snot. As a result, two days later,

Lozenges Septolete Plus - not an effective tool

pastilles Septolete Plus. Reading instruction and how it has been praised decided to try this drug, as a sore throat

Drops "Tazalok" BAT "Lubnyfarm" - an expensive ineffective product

My cyst in the chest, the doctor of medicine named "Tazalok" - is very expensive homeopathic remedy. The

Tablets Alendra

For the fifth year take tablets from osteoporosis. Treatment and prevention of the disease every year change. Once

The Capsule Flew Koldakt Plus.

Koldakt capsules Flew Plus, designed to make the symptoms of the common cold. But, I'm sorry, these capsules do not

Cream Boro Plus

Bought to fight with the rash creams Boro Plus. But this cream is not only not cured rash, but somehow caused redness

Triampur Kompozitum

While receiving drug triampur kompozitum was not very good health: drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness even dry mouth was.


In the summer constantly very sweaty feet and hands. Asked in a drugstore remedy this trouble. I was offered a remedy

Balsam "Gorhon" from the Corporation Siberian Health - malodeystvenny.

Balm "Gorhon" from the Siberian Healthcare Corporation, despite its promises, does not help. My veins are

Nurofen - read the instructions carefully! possible side effects

How to not sound trite: read the instructions before use. For example, I did not expect that after taking several

Sleeping Донормил

Not advise often used sleeping pills Донормил, only occasionally. Causes headaches, addictive, sleepy in the morning. An

tool for nose NEONEX cyclamen

Attributed to me as the doctor from sinusitis remedy for nose NEONEX cyclamen, with rachwalik as an excellent medicine.

Люголь spray unsuccessful release form

Sore throat. I went to the drugstore to buy «Люголь». Old and proven tool, angina ill often, so you know - always helps,

Drug Theraflu

Theraflu medication for the flu took 4 days, the temperature was gone, the other symptoms - cough, sore throat, runny

Coped with my disease

I have a tank. vaginosis occurs after condom use, and sometimes you have to use them when I forget to take the pill.

Pills that promote vascular wall Askorutin-effective.

I have a child with low blood pressure, so I often bleed from the nose, which is very hard to stop. Recently I was at

прощай чесотка

Приветствую! Сейчас время отдыха и многие ездят на море. Вот и мы тоже недавно приехали из дальнего путешествия и прив

"Smecta" - and no problems with my stomach!

In my opinion, "Smecta" is by far one of the best medicines for the stomach. I try to only take the drug. And

Antiseptic Company "Infamed" Miramistin for the home kit is indispensable.

Antiseptic Company "Infamed" Miramistin an excellent tool for the home kit. I have this drug in the medicine

Aescusan Medicine, JENAPHARM GmbH & Co.KG - helps with varicose veins and the severity of the terrible leg

In connection with the work of walking, I became very sick calves. Excellent tablets against the severity of varicose

Retinoic ointment for pimples and blackheads.

Age though I do not puberty, but pimples and blackheads are. And in combat these skin troubles, I used Retinoic

Вылечила сухой кашель.

Сухой кашель без мокроты, может доставить много хлопот и неприятных ощущений, особенно когда у тебя совершенно нет врем

Эффективно помогает

Всем привет! Сегодня хочу рассказать об Ациполе, который открыл для себя год назад, и он меня буквально спас от проблем

Helped to get pregnant.

After ten years of marriage, my husband and I decided to have a second child, but somehow, some time, nothing worked.

Duphaston (Duphaston) on "Abbott BV Biolodzhikalz" - Help to get pregnant and maintain pregnancy

Admission duphaston, gynecologists usually prescribe a low hormonal background in women, treatment of irregular

Geksoral - spray - quickly helps with sore throats!

Frequently sick child, and, therefore, I was already an "expert" in medicine. So, if my daughter's throat

Saved when loss of voice

After the holidays, was left without a voice and my throat felt scratchy, dry. At the pharmacy, bought lozenges Isla

Imodium capsules. 2mg N20. Manufacturer: Janssen, Belgium. Quick action!

The drug is essential that we have with the family of the sea we go! Always take it with you! Although much more

Tablets "Nurofen Express" - allow to forget about the pain

I have a very nasty problem - a very painful periods, tried many things to survive this terrible pain. No-spa and

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