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Algal bio-gel of Vetalar - Review

1 11.10.2016

Help with problems in the digestive tract

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Good day, I am 61 years old. Recently, I faced an unpleasant problem: they began to have pain in the region of the stomach and duodenum. Did not wait, immediately made an appointment to see a doctor. I was sent to FGS. Later tests showed helicobacterpylori and bad sminaemosti sphincter in the stomach appeared in the bile. Passed a course of treatment, then the pain passed. A few months felt good, kept a diet cutting omez, Kreon, ganaton. But all was in vain. The pain again made itself felt. A good friend advised me to try to drink along with diet Biogel Vitaliser. It turned out the gel from the seaweed kelp. Useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Never heard of it, but decided to try it. Contacted the company representative and ordered the course. About 2 months drinking Biogel and kept a diet. My health condition gradually returned to normal. A month later ceased to disturb the stomach at all, all the unpleasant sensations passed. I decided to take re-tests: I'm healthy! The doctor confirmed it. Suggest!

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