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Видеоняня Юнилайф Диджисмарт 1050 - Review

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Children mosaic TM METR PLUS

I bought a baby nursery mosaic TM "METR PLUS", looks good, quality is also normal, but around 75% of the feet

Kids puzzle Larsen "star chart" on the child's bullying

I do not know who invented this puzzle, it is extremely difficult to collect even the parents and say nothing about the

Game set "Garage"

Bought child play set «city zone, super garage." Our kit contains two floors. All assembled and disassembled.

Baby bottle TM «Canpol» (Kanpol) 250ml - the quality is unsatisfactory

Quality baby bottles «Canpol» (Kanpol) remained dissatisfied, ugly plastic quality, fast crack the bottom and the h

Reusable diapers CoolaBaby (Kulabebi)

My daughter from birth allergic to almost all diapers while I was looking for suitable, my husband brought home a

China inflatable toy horse Jumping

Chinese inflatable Jumping toy horse simply disgusting. This toy is terrible, acrid, chemical smell. This toy is simply

Buggy Micro Cam (Cam) - poor build quality

With a sidecar, it clearly is povezlo HE, and the quality is terrible sborki, DO NOT just have dropped out screws,

Body Milk "Little Fairy" - my niece did not like.

When it was on a visit to his niece bought her baby body lotion Little Fairy. She was glad my gift, wrap it a colorful,

Children's plastic slide edu-play

bought for my daughter baby duckling plastic slide from edu-play. We promise that it is reliable, but it turned out

Детский Bebemm " горшок Elif "

Children's pot Bebemm " Elif " acquired more recently. At first glance, he is very cute, comfortable

Cot Veres Sonia LD 1 is not easy to operate

Cot Veres Sonia LD 1 is not easy to use. It has rails and wheels for rocking non-restraint, which creates some

Night Light Projector Chicco "star, good night" - the light does not reach to the ceiling

Night light projector should project the stars onto the ceiling and walls, but its power is small, so the image is very

Walkers Kids-Glory XH48 Opsa for children

Walkers are useful if the child is in them no more than 10-15 minutes. The height is adjusted by a child-seat pants are

Developing pad clearing in the forest, not like a child

Very nice-looking rug. Do you like all adults. But my child does not pay attention to him. As much as we tried to

Трехколесный a велосипед azimuth Lexus Trike

Tricycle Azimut Lexus Trike has served faithfully for the stroller instead of my son exactly 2 months from the date of

Musical Train Chicco, quality.

Our child likes, especially listening to tunes, and for them to dance, tries. As the music starts, so just laugh at the

Steering Wheel Joy Toy-like our son.

We bought my son a gift of a toy steering wheel Joy Toy, it's very good quality. Ringtones are all good, sound not

Hughes Diapers are the best!

We have used Pampers diapers, Libero, and Hughes. Pampers diapers on the baby had a terrible allergy, ass was all red.

The seat in the carriage or sleigh 40x80 Nobel-good.

We have used the seat in a carriage or sleigh from the Nobel for sleds, as in the carriage with him was not very

Sling Backpack Amaeru - convenient for mom and baby.

This backpack I started using when his son was 5 months. Quality fabrics and bindings good. I'm very comfortable

RC car 1:20 scale RCI-good version

RC car RCI scale of 1:20. This toy has made me a pretty good vpechatlenie.ona though made in China, but unlike these

Tricycle "Smart-Trike Zoo" - all the cool

We have a tricycle "Smart-Trike Zoo", all very cool! The wheels do not make noise, comfortable seat, handle

Замечательный гель, рекомендую

О средствах для мытья ванн я задумалась, когда начала использовать детскую косметику для купания и травяные отвары. Посл

Winter Boots Columbia BY 1280-010 warm and comfortable.

Winter Boots Columbia BY 1280-010 bought in the market. For the price they were comparable to the price of shoes for

Коляски Хартан - лучшие! Особенно наша Topline S

Подготовку к рождению сына мы поделили с мужем. Я выбирала мебель и одежду, а муж подыскивал коляску и автокресло. Выбир

Playpen Baby Promenade Rectangle3 in one - a great riding.

It is simply not replaceable thing for parents. Baby Promenade Rectangle is not only riding, but also a cradle rocking.

Silicone Nipple circular TM "Canpol" (Poland) - not bad

My sister bought a kanpolovskuyu papilla for her baby and was very happy with it, it has served its time well, silicone

Children's chair chaise lounge with soft toys Happy Baby Woody - loved it.

Children's chair chaise Happy Baby Woody with soft toys, I really enjoyed it. Too bad that my son did not like it,

Toy sword from Toledo Villa - quality

We needed a sword for a New Year's costume "Zorro." Ate found suitable. The sword was not bad, with no

Baby Monitor Philips Scd 463 - a great baby monitor.

Of given my husband and I radonyanyu Philips Scd 463 to his sister when she gave birth to a child. This is an

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