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Pony Express - dishonest couriers. - Review

-4 10.02.2013

Pony Express - dishonest couriers.

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Recently ordered a or Non - 12 pairs of shoes, for a fitting and to buy, tons of sitting at home with a baby and shopping no time, and hochetsyatvybrat decent shoes for the summer, especially for big money. , Because I wanted to buy more shoes or 2 runs a courier, I chose to express - delivery - next day (it costs 50 rubles. Expensive than usual - 300 rub.). Store where I bought the shoes, using the services of courier Pony Express. When the messenger came time stipulated for fitting shoes, was 20 min., He immediately said to me 15 minutes. and noted the time, constantly looking at his watch. I asked him to open all the boxes at once, because comfortable shoes I budetmerit all, and he added, even brought his scissors and tried to help to speed, to which he responded clearly discontent and growled quite rude, "I do not need help, were measured by one his shoes, and I was this time as many boxes open "- as a result of not having opened 3 of them (there were 5). I started to try on shoes, he stood poglyadyvayana hours and puffed, his whole appearance indicating that he was terribly in a hurry. I managed to try only 5 pairs of shoes, when he abruptly said that my time is up, and began hurriedly to collect the box - well, that I carefully folded nepodoshedshie shoes, and so he threw them in the box (in the corridor he threw them at all when I came .....), so he told me that if I want to continue on the fitting, I had to pay 10 rubles. a minute of his time. THERE! Well, I have the choice then determined. And she began to say goodbye to him, the date he passed for payment of 20 rubles. less, I do not count in a hurry (a trifle, and unpleasant). I looked at the online store terms of delivery, on the site of Pony Express, but I have never found a condition that at dopolnitelnom waiting courier - extra 10 rub. / Min., That is, it was a pure amateur courier. I called the shop where you ordered. The manager apologized, confirmed that such conditions do not exist, and that the carrier is an invention, and that the carriers of this particular service is often willfully not yet the case, and people pay them more money, which disappoints them shop, and especially clients: (asked me to write claim, which I did (already discussed)))). A young man who is in such a hurry, got into his car courier, picked up the cell phone and ..... Did not even wind up and stood there for 15 minutes - 20. I, frankly, it's all bad, and ugly. Hacks and louts. Never again I will not order express - delivery, especially Pony Express.

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