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Park - Review

-5 12.08.2012

Amaze people who Dumas only about themselves.

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Recently went to the park with a dog for a walk. It was early morning, people in the park nebylo, except for one woman with a stroller. The dog found a toy car tire and the excitement began to chew on and bark at her. The woman did not like this neighborhood, and she was screaming at me that I went for a walk to another place. I had to explain that this park is permitted dog walking, and that we walk by a woman at a distance of twenty feet, and probably do not bother anyone. To which the lady retorted: "I came here before you, so go away!" I'm shocked, what a nation we have an unfriendly! The most interesting thing that a woman screaming over their child's stroller, and he woke up crying. Only about themselves and thought.

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