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5 27.12.2018

The portal on the development of children.

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I want to share my opinion about this wonderful portal. My child is just in awe of the lessons on this site, as all tasks are presented in the form of a game. And I really like the convenience, the division by year and items, we can immediately find the age or object of interest. Recommend.

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Pads Bra Midinette BIO terrible

Pads Bra Midinette BIO I really do not like. Same as the one or the other, taking in a drop of milk stick to the body.

Children detergent BABYCARE.

We bought a washing powder for baby diapers whites BABYCARE. According to the instructions below normal consumption

Air conditioning Eared nannies

Bought fabric softener company Eared baby sitters. The tool has a neutral smell and very liquid consistency. Very much

Pay playgrounds in city parks

I guess I am a child of the Soviet time and used that things have always been available, so now I do not understand why

Set for Children's Art Visionary "Young chef" - a bad set!

Set Children's Art Visionary "Young chef" I was disappointed. All that is included in the set, it's

Drawing board for BIC Kids Velleda-did not like.

My child was frustrated because of the drawing boards for BIC Kids Velleda. Draw on it, of course, it is convenient,

Children's playground on the street. Pichugin, Tver

By location site is in a very beautiful place, but the presence of large hills, from which time and again fallen

Grooming children a year - complete nonsense

When my baby turned one all vied with each other to shout that I am simply obliged to cut his baby. I struggled with

Drive diapers Tommee Tippee - very expensive

With the advent of the baby and, accordingly, dirty diapers thinking about such baby diapers drive, but when he found

Baby termobotinki super gear

I bought my daughter termobotinki super gear (Hungary). Light, warm, but .. very wet. Only suitable for dry weather,

Watercolor Honey TM "Ray" - very dry!

Watercolor honey TM "Ray" bought a three-year nephew, who looked it seemed to me good. He likes to paint

Brush with a sponge to wash bottles Pigeon is not easy.

Wash bottle brush Pigeon I did not like. Although it has a sponge, it is best to wash the bottle does not work. The

E-ABC " Try "

My son got an alphabet " Try ". I hung it on the wall and getting even not paying attention, the

Horrific tales

As a child my mother always read fairy tales and I decided to do for their children. The store was on the authors,

Детская коляска Sigma Line C302F

The Sigma Line stroller C302F my girlfriend, she has a son. Like to tell you about the shortcomings of this model. All

My opinion about Airnanny A7 .

I want to share my first impressions about the purchase of the ventilation system Airnanny A7 Start. Chose her for a

Super garden

My husband and I decided that we will give our baby in a private kindergarten Beetles. In ordinary kindergartens huge

Magnetic Designer Bornimago

Designer Magnetic Bornimago - very original toys for children and adults. Can be used as a constructor and a puzzle. It

Constructor Mega Bloks - a good designer

Design Mega Bloks. My child likes to collect a variety of designer figury.Ochen important that good quality is not bad,

Bed in a crib sleepy dwarf couch potatoes - a quality kit.

After my niece was born, we have long thought that she had to give until it became clear that there is no baby in a

Breastfeeding - the most useful baby food until 6 months later.

Now everyone is talking about the benefits of breastfeeding, but somehow still begin to feed children juice, mashed


I want to thank these creative guys. Ordered to serve a Day of his daughter. Chose a category. Picked a date. We didn't

Washing powder Deni children good-Powder

Detergent Deni detskiy.Otlichno soluble in water, well penitsya.Otstiryvaet not bad, even long-standing spot, things

about friendship and nails 2

father brought his son to the fence and said, "My son, you behaved well, but look at those holes in the fence. It

Scissors world of childhood with a cover-safe.

When I was growing up, such adaptations and novorotov was not. But how is all the same well that all developed and

Bought a great monitor!

Daughter we are still very small and often plays in the arena, so to be confident that it's all right, we put in her

Scissors with cover "The World of Childhood" - is safe.

I do not know what I do without scissors with cover "The world of childhood." If it were not for my child,

Tauras-kids - a great place for a child

I drive my daughter to a three-year Tauras-kids. Very pleased with this service. Child there and feed and play, and put

Timer for cleaning the teeth from Oriflame "Little Kroky" - friendly crocodile.

To the eldest son knew how much time he needs to brush your teeth, I bought my girlfriend in the catalog timer for


My husband on the New year gave fur Muff Markus Base. Already rated it! We have constant wind and hand walking with a

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