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Tablets Drotaverine

Probably each person has some disease. I have chronic gastritis and the gate.. During acute spasm of the stomach or

Spray exaspera pain in the throat

Once a sore throat, the doctor has advised to buy an expensive spray called Exaspera. After application it is felt that

Донормил: cure for insomnia.

«Донормил» is touted as a great cure for insomnia. Really helps. But a «stunning» side effect, does not marked. On the m

Aqua Maris nasal drops from Jadran (Adriatic) - does not eliminate the common cold

The influence of nasal drops Aqua Maris manufacturer Jadran (core) is very disappointed. When a child has a runny nose

For the treatment of colds and flu ISO Arzneimittelwerk GmbH Umkalor-led.

As soon as the son began to get sick, we called the doctor and after examination he wrote us a remedy for colds and flu

Laxative pills Senade

A few days ago drank laxatives pills Senade from constipation (3 tablets). That was my biggest mistake, because after 3

Prospan cough Syrup in sticketh

Prospan cough Syrup in sticketh easy to use, especially on the road. Unfortunately syrup helps weakly. And if the cough

Tablets, Parisel, Sperco

My daughter had a fever, cough, sore throat, the doctor, arrived on a call, prescribe pills, Parisel, dissolve 3-4

Fenistil gel relieves itching!

Every summer, the whole family to spend in the country. In order to protect children from itching from mosquito bites,

Antispasmodic for the treatment of urinary incontinence and enuresis "Sibutіn" (Sibutin) does not help against the weight of the side effects

Antispasmodic for the treatment of urinary incontinence and enuresis "Sibutіn" (Sibutin) take the necessary

Balm for the wounds of "ER" does not help with skin lesions

Balm for the wounds of "ER" I bought that for various skin lesions do without irritating alcohol solutions

Combopass, tablets, Synmedic

Sore head, going to the pharmacy, the pharmacist advised as analgesic, antispasmodic agent Combopass, tablets,

Drugs that are designed to increase the amount of calcium has side effects

After birth the daughter took calcium-containing drugs, because it was a big problem with his teeth. They all promised

Panadol tablets do not force down temperature

Before confusing the temperature of powders with paracetamol. Panadol tablets, has bought 24 hours, but they do not


After the acquisition of analgesic NUROFEN I realized that ordinary Analgin no worse. Nurofen thoroughly inferior to

Capsules "Mactokapc" From kompanii "Evalar" help with the bad days.

Not znayu, HOW TO others, Nr I predmenctrualny cindrom vcegda cvyazan c plohim nactroeniem and bolyami zhivota bottom.


Only positive impressions after using Fastum Gel, recently was forced to meet him because I was shot in the back. I

Runny nose goodbye!!!

Discovered the right remedy nasal congestion These Daisy! Many years suffered with a chronic runny nose!there colleague

Pills "Shiitake" from "Evalar" - helps to cope with the malignant cells in the early

Recently at work we had a rather unpleasant story. One of the officers raised a suspicion of cancer. Revealed she had

Euroderm - gorgeous effective keratosis

There was a time when I have terribly dry skin on the heels. At times it got to the point that even the cracks

Helps legs with varicose veins.

Aescusan began to take to maintain their vessels. Because of the long hours on his feet, began to suffer pain by the

Effective remedy for mastitis

One day I noticed that his chest started to ache. At first did not attach importance to, but then the pain intensified.

The tool d / treat colds and flu PharmaMed Akvalor for the throat with aloe and chamomile effective.

Tool d / treat colds and flu PharmaMed Akvalor for the throat with aloe and chamomile we liked the fact that there is

Dentinoks gel - teeth will be cut without pain

My baby's teething, or what does not work, but recently tried Dentinoks gel, and all the pain vanished. So good,

Reduces sweating and eliminates odour

My husband was so unbearable foot odor that was looking for a tool which would have eliminated this problem. Hygiene

Good and cheap

Acyclovir use for a long time. I often chill on the lips out. And that's how you feel that go to start, smear the

The syrup is very good

When my son once again after kindergarten got sick, I decided to give him vitamins to promote health. Long chose, what

Sorbovit LLC "Medications" - a sorbent, which is suitable for adults and children

Sorbovit helped me to cleanse the body in a short time after the May Day of toxins holidays. I think it almost no

A good drug for the treatment of herpes

Previously covered herpes on lips ointments, it turned out that it must be seriously treated. Doctor Stimforte wrote,

Treat pimples with ramasola.

There are many pimples, especially a lot of them and they appear for the first time in adolescence. In this vulnerable

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