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book on the area

Why read the prisoners? To increase the educational level. But the main thing - to kill time. Because if a person does

The book "The space options," Vadim Zeland

I started reading a book by Vadim Zeland "The space of options." There's about technology transfer

Viktor Sheinov: How to manage a Methods of using hidden resources of the individual - a book about nothing

"How to manage a. Techniques using hidden resources of the individual," Viktor Shane - the book is full of

The book "Dunno in the sunny city"

Books for Children boring. Neither of my two daughters are not finished reading "Dunno" to the end, though,

COSMOPOLITAN Magazine spoiled

Recently COSMOPOLITAN magazine advertising has become a regular application. Useful information, minuscule, some

The book "Life without panties" (both parts)

Book could not even finish reading! Reviews for the second part had heard from friends. The author cleverly tried to

Nothing new

From the book I expected more. To deal with the range of supermarkets is possible and without it.It lists the types of

The Big Book of quackery

I am very fond of the popular methods of treatment of various diseases, so from time to time I try to fill their

E. Assumption "Crocodile Gena is the Army"

The book is very colorful, fine. But the content - the horror. Children's heroes solve adult problems. Children do

Very good book!

Really useful book! Helped to save my marriage, help you find answers to all (indeed, if you read carefully - at all!)

B. Zheleznov healing and magical plant svoyvtva

Very interesting book about plants. Describes the legends associated with plants, many recipes for infusions to address

Books Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)

I can not say that you perceive as the truth of his teachings, but for myself opened a lot of useful information. His

Book Dior - Fashion Dictionary. A great gift!

Bought as a gift for friend's birthday book. It is like a gift wrap raspokavala rozuvuyu and saw the cover has come

"Mandership" Artem Lebedev

Very cleverly written manual for the world of design and web design in particular. On the neck are all seen with a

"The Golden Encyclopedia of home cooking"

In this edition of the collected 12,000 different recipes and tips from the best povarov.Razlichnye appetizers, salads,

Daria Dontsova "Cookbook lazy"

That's who does not like to cook - a book for you! There are so chewed everything in detail and so fun to describe

Rachel Pollack "a complete illustrated guide to the Tarot."

An interesting book, beautifully decorated, but too superficial. Basically, the system card is seen as cultural

The book "Inferno. Army Nights"

An interesting book that is really interesting ... Another piece of the vampire. However, this work is very different

Children's book series "Ladushki" publisher "RONIiS PAC" Bright and cheerful

Good books, with large bright and clear pictures, thick sheets, which is good for children. These books are very

Russian-Chinese Scientific and Technical Dictionary

Contains approximately 280,000 technical and scientific terms. Very reliable assistant in translating technical texts

Books for boys series, publisher ROSMEN.

Son was given a birthday book, "I drive a train" series for boys, published ROSMA. The book has a very nice

The book of Dr. Komarovsky E. Child health and common sense of his relatives.

A wonderful book. From all been read by me I prefer this one. All written and easily understandable. Tips and backed up

Партия Иисуса. Очерки общественного служения Иисуса Христа

Любителям литературы хочу предложить книгу, в которой доказано историческое существование Христа - книга "Партия Иисуса"

My first talking book from Shantou Chenghai Kaliti Toys Industry Co., Ltd, China-a great book!

My first talking book is a very interesting option for the child. My son is like, bright, colorful pages, beautiful

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