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Coletto Milano детская коляска - Review

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The carriage-cradle Maritat from ROAN - tired of it

This stroller with a mass of positive qualities in terms of accommodation and comfort for a small passenger car but

Wooden 3D Puzzle, "Bulldozer" from Ranok - too easy

I can not say that the child was playing for a long time. He was happy collected. Inspected, disassembled and assembled

Book for swimming TM "Playgro" ("Pleygrou") - Colors are faded!

Book for swimming TM "Playgro" ("Pleygrou") I liked in the store with the bright pictures. But a

Designer Sluban "Train Station" - for children older than six

Godfather's son gave a designer, well, I think, now forget about the computer with this toy. But his son, who is

Diapers Molfix disgusting thing

My child is 5 mesyatsev birth, we use the diapers,and periodically I buy to try different new Marcelo came to diapers

Sandals Minimen - painted

Nothing really bad can not say about the quality of sandals Minimen, as the child is their only home for a couple of

Ukrainian classified knowledge Limo Toy

The child gave the Board knowledge on the tripod of the Ukrainian firm Limo Toy. The quality of boards leave much to be

Rattle "Torv" IKEA - A strange game!

Rattle "Torv" IKEA I liked the picture. This fun and colorful carrots! But in reality it was not a rattle, a

Watercolors " Classic " 8 colors

Watercolor honeyed " Classic " 8 colors from the PC manufacturer of chemical plant " Ray

Modelling mass Rik Rok & crumbles

My son got a lot for sculpting Rik Rok &. Opened a new jar, removed the protective film, and mass recalls cheap

Liquid detergent "Eared nannies" from "Neva Cosmetics" does not washes.

So in principle satisfied with the powder of this firm, decided to try a liquid. The tool is bad. In order to get

Children's books series "Golden Library" (published by Onyx) - terrible quality paper!

Children's books series "Golden lib" (published by Onyx) differ terrible quality paper, hiding under an

Toys "Academic track" Fisher Price little loud and the functional

Expensive it is, considering its function. Speaks only one language. The toy is very loud and frightened child. So baby

Stroller Baciuzzi B8.4W heavy and uncomfortable.

I thought always that the bigger stroller, the better! It turned out this shortcoming, if you want to get into the

Baby diapers Molfix

Bought for children diapers Molfix. Very disappointed, very unpleasant odor flavor. Moisture inside as promised not

Envelope-quilt «NiceBaby» - my baby was comfortable in it

I do not swaddled since birth of his little son, so the usual envelope for infants has not approached him, because he

Three-wheeled bicycle Zoo Dolphin Smart Trike - the best transportation for the child for the summer

Summer All thoroughfares with a toddler's tricycle in a velosipedike, he was the best transportation for your

Lego - fun, but expensive.

Unfortunately, their children yet, but his nephew just loves to play with Lego. Each time for every holiday or

Children suitcase Trunki London 2012 - oboldenny.

Yesterday I saw the advertisement of a new children's suitcase Trunki London in 2012 and remained under a huge

Designer Brick Box Lego Duplo - kids love it

My kids have hours of fun playing in the constructor Brick Box Lego Duplo. What amazes me is the result of their

Stroller Stokke Xplory

This is a great stroller from those that I have ever seen or roll. Has not been able to choose a stroller for my

Rubber boots Skofus - not interchangeable in the early spring

When another child in a carriage drove into the garden, the problem with wet feet was not. But in this year had to

Machine-scooter from a company Orion!

Machine-scooter from a company Orion was my third mistake in the written reviews. So I considered it my duty to bring

Music Pad Lights Deluxe & Rainforest Melodies Fisher-Price for the smallest

This is a great musical mat Lights Deluxe & Rainforest Melodies Fisher-Price for the little ones who love to lie on

Diapers Huggies Classic cope with the problem on 100%

After a long selection, bought diapers Huggies Classic. Price lower than the other, but they are comfortable with the

Modeling Dough with properties better than clay

Very pleased with this test. It is soft, does not stick to hands, do not get dirty. That the child did not take it into

Constructor with a garage Bobi Wader from WADER & WOŹNIAK Poland - the future builders of the devoted.

Design with garage Bobi Wader - a large cubes, of which handles a little convenient to build large buildings. Cubes are

Domino's "The Bremen Town Musicians" (SPD Ostapenko Lvov) - a great game for toddlers.

Have presented a game your child is 3 years. I liked very much. All cards are made of thick cardboard, bright, colorful

Set "bathe and draw" with pastel pencils - an excellent lesson for the kid

Kid loved to draw. The only thing that does not leave them in the pool, soak pencils quickly. If the child is small (I

Musical Train Chicco, quality.

Our child likes, especially listening to tunes, and for them to dance, tries. As the music starts, so just laugh at the

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