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Шампунь Fiori Dea с экстрактом оливы - Review

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Shampoo - Balsam "Mug", produced by the Ukrainian-bolgarskogoTOV "Piranha" - a horrible kind of shampoo.

They came to visit relatives and left the shampoo-conditioner "Mug", produced by the Ukrainian-Bulgarian LLC

Hair Dye TM "Perfect Mousse" № 800 Medium Brown - bad hair dye

My natural hair color is dark brown with a slightly ashy hue, like using this paint to lighten it a bit, and ennoble,

HP hors Force

Seeing ads about the shampoo "Horsepower" company Khors Force, wanted to try it. Bought at the pharmacy, the price, as

Lac TAFT without fragrances useless!

Looking for a special paint is odorless so it does not perebival fragrance perfume. Purchased the Hairspray TAFT Three

Shampoo and conditioner Amway Satinique - publicity is good publicity, bad hair

I tried this remedy, after listening to one of praise. Shampoo cleans your hair is bad and just as stubborn. The hair

Shampoo Allium Anaphase Ducray

Have much hair to fall out, decided to taste shampoo for hair loss Allium anaphase Ducray, hoping that would help.

Pure line Taiga Berry shampoo

Pure line shampoo Taiga berries. For brittle, split ends and hair fitotherapeutic broth I really do not like. The

Hair Dye L'OREAL CASTING Creme Gloss

Has tried already a lot of hair dyes and decided to take a chance to try the paint without ammonia L'OREAL CASTING

Hair mask DAYMASK

Hair mask DAYMASK his action is not impressed. The mask is designed for dry hair, says the manufacturer, it contains

Hair mask Garnier Fructis Growth in the power of a

Hair mask Garnier Fructis Growth in all the power - inefficient. No growth there, especially in 1 minute what it says

Shampoo Schauma 7 HERBS from Schwarzkopf

Mom bought shampoo Schauma 7 HERBS from Schwarzkopf. Mom used the shampoo for two weeks, and left him dissatisfied.

Hair gel "Clean Line" LLC, "Minich" just awful.

Do not ever going to smear their hair with gel that ugly. He does not keep her hair, and just makes your hair sticky,

Hair Gel L'Oreal (L'Oreal) Ulta Fix "Extreme fixing" - Very tacky!

Hair Gel L'Oreal (L'Oreal) Ulta Fix "Extreme fixation" I did not come because he was too burdening

Hair Spray Leave-Kerala on NOVA Floresan (Floresan) - with no cloying smell ..

By means of hair care products went up carefully, but unfortunately, this time made a mistake by choosing hair spray to

shampoo with oats from Yves-rocher

Shampoo, I did not like. Enjoyed very many shampoos, but this has surpassed all expectations. Wanted to restore hair

Mint Shampoo Garnier dandruff for all hair types 400ml - removes dandruff

A very good shampoo Garnier was mint and had always avoided it, but there were hints of the first dandruff, agreed with

Shampoo Horsepower

Hello! Once I saw a lot of different reviews about this shampoo, and decided to write their opinions about the shampoo

Hair Balm Goat Milk Belita - a good balm for the low price

After applying the balm hair is much easier to comb, and become very soft and shiny. Balm has a pleasant odor, restores

Oil for Hair Evalar burdock extract of nettle - I am very pleased with the result.

A friend recommended that I try to use burdock to improve the condition of my hair. It has long been burdock oil for

Шампунь для выпрямления The first shampoo

Не могу не поделиться своей находкой-шампунь для выпрямления The first shampoo. 3 недели назад заказала через интернет-м

Revitalizing Conditioner Avon "perfect hair"

This conditioner has got me a gift from Avon sales assistant. In principle, it is understandable why she gave it to,

Burdock Oil "Evalar" with nettle extract - Helps

It helps experienced myself. But if you want the effect - should be a lot of patience and effort. It is badly washed

Hairspray "Wella Forte"-super-fixing!

Lac Vella Forte fixes her hair perfectly, while it does not stick. I have heavy hair, I thought that the average

Serum for damaged ends of the hair L'Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Serum - a chic result.

In order to get rid of posechenny ends, using serum L'Oreal. The result is stunning! Already after a few

Fitobalzam dandruff "Emei" from the Corporation Siberian Health - a great addition to shampoo

dandruff solve the problem of the husband was not so easy. Which only means we have not tried. But in the end result is

Dandruff shampoo Clear vita ABE - not bad!

Dandruff shampoo Clear vita ABE is a fairly substantial sum, but it really works! And just as a shampoo, it is very

Shampoo Heden Sholders

Every spring and fall worries me dandruff. I find his salvation only Heden Sholderse. After the first day of reduced

Hair Mask "Numero" Brelil

I can not do without restoring hair masks "Numero" by Brelil. It makes your hair shiny, silky and makes them

Hair Balm "Bayalig" of Siberian Health Corporation - the hair is really luxurious

just in love with a series of hair care products "Bayalig" of Siberian Health Corporation. The word

Gliss Cur from Schwarzkopf - a sleek silk

This shampoo is for nothing to change. hair after it's true as silk. The child has hair down to his knees, and with

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