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Протаргол-лор - Review

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Drops "Babies" failed in its main task

Drops "Babynos" decided to try, as a remedy for colic. At that time, the baby was 4 months. Very confused by the fact

Badyaga FORTE't speed up the process

Because my Tomboy constantly manage to earn bruises, on the advice of the pharmacist bought gel bruises and age spots

Ventolin in nebulah inconvenient to use

Ventolin in nebulah inconvenient to use when assigning half the dosage. Sometimes the medicine into the syringe,

Nospanum Sanofi company

Have not bought the tablets But-shpa, decided to buy that were in the medicine Cabinet, but was very disappointed with

Gel Contractubex useless

After removal of appendicitis, the doctor prescribed smear scar gel contractubex, and advertising looked, which States

Immunomodulating agent Lek Immunal Drops - without expensive special effects.

Effect of the immunomodulating special tools Lek Immunal, drops, I did not feel like that. Due to the high content of

The drug "Sorbeks Malyuk" not effective.

The drug "Sorbeks Malyuk" is designed to address the causes and treatment of intestinal disorders in

Aerosol "Geksoral" - a horrible drug

I often see on TV advertising aerosol "Geksoral" manufacturer "Parke-Davis", France. Advertising

Drops Протефлазид absolutely not helped

In the summer of cut antibiotics and put him immunity. Jumped warts on the hands (for the first time in my life). The

Tablet AntiGripin

Pills AntiGripin raspberry flavor tastes very much like a SOAP solution. Did not like the fact that does not completely

The pills Senade stomach ache

Buy in a pharmacy certain laxative, and a week ago went and it was not, so I offered to buy herself a pharmacist Senade

Eye ointment "Hydrocortisone" Jelfa (Valeant)

Used eye ointment "Hydrocortisone" from Jelfa (Valeant) if you are allergic to the ink, like the ointment from

Avamys metered dose nasal spray GlaxoSmithKline

Avamys metered dose nasal spray from the British company GlaxoSmithKline Allergy ineffective in its midst, only one

" " of " CJSC Festal BIOCOM "

Product " " " from Festal BIOCOM " I was advised as a means to facilitate the work

Contraceptive pills Mediana

On the advice of the doctor bought the pill of Midian from the company Gedeon Richter, made in Hungary, with the aim of

The capsule, which quickly put me on my feet

Two weeks ago, the evening of a work day, I felt pretty lousy. As I haven't been sick for quite a while, as even

really appreciate

I like this gel a friend advised. Took this tool did not fit, did not like. And then almost immediately after put the

Quality, convenient to receive, it is possible to chew

Good time of day. Decided to share my opinion about the drug Magnerot, maybe someone will be useful. After forty began

The product of the pressure Monopril 10 mg Bristol-Myers Squibb - effective drug

Suffer secondary hypertension (high blood pressure) in the presence of kidney disease, your doctor has prescribed this

The best laxative that I had to use it.

Those who are faced with constipation will understand my mood today, and it is just wasted, because it is already the

Nasal spray "Penadoksa" - wound healing

nasal spray "Penadoksa" I ordered the surgeon after surgery on the nasal septum. In addition to my treatment

Tools d / treat colds and flu Novartis Pulmeks Baby copes with its task!

Just a magic cream! When the little boy caught a cold, a doctor appointed her. Rubbed his chest twice a day. In the

How I got rid of fungus on nails

It seemed that with such a problem, as a nail fungus will not face, if I have good hygiene and don't visit questionable

Bodyaga cosmetics! Use as a mask!

In any pharmacy you can buy concoctions! I did not try to use it for its intended purpose, but as a mask I really like

Tobrex from "Alcon" - wonderful eye drops for tired eyes

According to their studies have a lot of time to spend on the computer (and just a computer - and the scourge of drugs

Vaginal suppositories of dysbiosis "Bifonorm" "Avicenna" Ukraine is not bad

These candles have to take antibiotics after that clean it from any infection, but also a good clean. A candle

Drops for the nose "Pinosol" from AT "Zentiva" - a good remedy for colds

Just on the eve of new year (which was quite out of place), I was tortured rhinitis. Not pleasant, but still terribly

Ointment Fastumgel really helps!

Playing football, I got a great hamstring stretch right leg. Turned for advice to the surgeon, who advised me Fastumgel

Tincture of Eucalyptus distillery - a proven remedy for colds.

This tincture is always in my medicine chest. Eucalyptus has antiseptic, analgesic, antiinflammatory, antipyretic

Antiviral drug Aflubin (drops) - it helps!

Applied this drug a few times and always helping out! I used it myself (as am breastfeeding) and gave the child. He

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