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Компания «ЭКО» г.Новочеркасск - Review

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Radiators are not uniformly heated Delta

When the boiler is operating at full or medium power, the radiators are more or less uniformly give off heat. But if

Gas boiler 630EUROSiT-not economical.

This year we decided to establish a new, more efficient gas boiler. As a retailer we were advised to gas boiler with an

Beretta Ciao 28 CSI, Riello - boiler with a large number of defects

From the very first day that we bought and ran the boiler is not working properly automation, ie, in standby mode

Fireplace Zuzia, Kratki Poland - poor quality, though a trilateral

We had a boiler installed normal quality Polish production, but the fireplace is unrealistic to call high-quality

Convector Fans much noise

Electric convector Fans terribly much firm makes noise, bursting in as I found out this is because tubes made of steel

Boiler DOMIPROJECT F 24, Ferroli consumes a lot of gas

take this pot for almost seven years, during which I have with it hardship and plenty enough to swear. Produces very

Gas boiler Nova Florida

Here in my apartment heating, two wall mounted gas boiler, the Nova Florida Vela Compact (Turbofan, Italy) worked, we

Do not buy the convector Timberk TEC.PS1RCE1500IN

Brought home the convector (heater) Timberk TEC.PS1 RCE 1500 IN set! After you enable went terrible stench that would

Boiler Ferroli ATLAS works poorly.

Autumn bought and decided to install the boiler Ferroli ATLAS at his home. So, I can say that this boiler is not

Electric boiler Dakon PTE can ruin the winter ..

In the country faced the problem of heating in the winter and decided to put an electric boiler, as gas is carried out

Immergas Eolo котел Star Двухконтурный

Residents of the town gradually began to install individual heating. And I bought for my apartment double-boiler.

Gas boiler SOLLY standart (proizv. China ordered "Hot - Well") is not worth the money he

All last winter, suffered a the same time, the so-called gas-fired boiler. Absolutely defective unit! If you decide to

Boiler ecoCOMPACT VSC INT306 2-C 200, Vaillant - a capacity for two years

After two years of operation, the boiler ecoCOMPACT VSC INT 306/2-C 200, the company Vaillant came to an end! Blogged:

Steel radiator DEMRAD - annoying

We are only this year did heating. About functions will not say anything to work, the temperature in various parts of

Infrared heaters Sentek too noisy.

I do not advise using a halogen infrared heater Sentek R.RC production at night. He heats well, but constantly turn on

Ferroli Domicompact C 24 different boilers

redecorated the house and decided to completely redo heating. Changed the pipes and the boiler, in order to save gas,

Отличная печь для дачи

Купил недавно печь Dovre для дачи. Что круто, это печь из Норвегии, они там должны знать толк в обогреве у них тоже холо

Dissecting a bimetal radiator Astek 5080 - strong and beautiful.

If you are replacing radiators chose the most reliable. The design uses two bimetal radiators metal. The result is

Convector heater General Primero 1000MW - good heater!

Convector heater General Primero 1000MW easily hung on the wall, looks nice. Consumes relatively little power, and the

Aluminum radiators Global Vox - heat in the house.

During the repair time has come to change the old cast iron radiators to the new - we have advised the Italian aluminum

Boiler "Dani" AKGV - 7.4 avtomomatikoy Honeywell guarantees the heat in my house.

Our house has been disconnected from the central heating has long, flat electric heaters warms, the good of it was not

ART, warm floor

After I renovated our apartment, we only choose the heating system, so we decided to install Underfloor heating. This


You all know very well that independent heating system is a good thing. It will pay off in about 3 years. The figures

Radiator Gorenje Fino White 4/7 - not interchangeable in the bathroom

We Gorenje Fino White 4/7 - is not only cooler, but also an excellent dryer for towels. It turns out - to save on the

Electric boiler Atlantic OPro PC saves my money

Earlier, before breaking the old boiler, I came to the big bills for the light. But now, as I put the cost-Atlantic

Gas boiler Danko-18

A great pot! Once bought, the main condition was - a stable job with an unstable gas pressure (standard issue for our

Dual heating boiler Beretta CITY 24 CSI - not complaining

Operates boiler as it should, with almost no noise. It is convenient that you can hang on the wall, because you can

Polypropylene pipe heating - do not leak!

We are in the new house replaced the old metal risers to new heating polypropylene pipes - a beauty! Pipes do not rust,

Каминная топка Seguin

Купили на дачу топку китефлам от французского завода Seguin. Выбор стоял только из чугунных топок, так как к ним, на мой

Good heater, savings, economical in terms of electricity

House for 2 persons, cold water is supplied from wells through a system of reverse cleaning. Initially it was 100

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