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The company "ECO" Novocherkassk - Review

5 13.05.2019


The site chosen gas boiler. Call us back immediately and answered all questions. Delivered quickly. The prices are very favorable. Recommend!

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Wall heater film "Velvet Season" (Russia) - only consumes power.

It took a heater and I bought a well-publicized film obogrevatel.V technical documentation, it was stated that the real

Gas boiler Nova Florida

Here in my apartment heating, two wall mounted gas boiler, the Nova Florida Vela Compact (Turbofan, Italy) worked, we

Infrared heater Scarlett SC-252 - very dry or air

Last winter we had a baby, but it was very cold in the apartment, and blew everywhere, so he would not have purchased

Beretta Ciao 28 CSI, Riello - boiler with a large number of defects

From the very first day that we bought and ran the boiler is not working properly automation, ie, in standby mode

Steel radiator DEMRAD - annoying

We are only this year did heating. About functions will not say anything to work, the temperature in various parts of

Термостат Giacomini R470 малоэффективный.

Advise me to buy the thermostats Giacomini R470 (Italy) on the radiators to save heat, turning off the radiator with

heating boiler "ATEM" - "Zhytomyr-3"

Recently bought a gas boiler "Zhitomir-3" itflyanskoy burner. We were very unhappy. After months of work has

Boiler Ferroli ATLAS works poorly.

Autumn bought and decided to install the boiler Ferroli ATLAS at his home. So, I can say that this boiler is not

Gas-fired boiler bypass LLC "Avtodetal" Odessa - no warm water.

The performance characteristics of these boilers to heat the running water for domestic use, to a temperature of 55

Heater Bork CH BRE 2218 SI - permanently disabled

was visiting her mother in law and drew attention to the heater. It looks great, fits in a very modern interior of the

Calorifer SFH 3321 not safe

That it was warm in cold months you can only dream of. So we have to take care of the comfort of buying all sorts of

Do not buy the convector Timberk TEC.PS1RCE1500IN

Brought home the convector (heater) Timberk TEC.PS1 RCE 1500 IN set! After you enable went terrible stench that would

Boiler DOMIPROJECT F 24, Ferroli consumes a lot of gas

take this pot for almost seven years, during which I have with it hardship and plenty enough to swear. Produces very

Convector Fans much noise

Electric convector Fans terribly much firm makes noise, bursting in as I found out this is because tubes made of steel

Heater "Smile" CH 1000-1001 combined, convection - desiccate the air

As the central heating does not provide a comfortable warmth in the house, decided to buy a convection heater heats the

Polypropylene pipe heating - do not leak!

We are in the new house replaced the old metal risers to new heating polypropylene pipes - a beauty! Pipes do not rust,

Aluminum radiators Global Vox - heat in the house.

During the repair time has come to change the old cast iron radiators to the new - we have advised the Italian aluminum

The heating mat and thermostat from Devi A / S, Denmark - the warmth and comfort

One year ago, made in his bathroom underfloor heating. Took heating mat Devimat DTIF-150 and the thermostat Devireg

Radiator Gorenje Fino White 4/7 - not interchangeable in the bathroom

We Gorenje Fino White 4/7 - is not only cooler, but also an excellent dryer for towels. It turns out - to save on the

Fireplace insert Seguin

I bought the cottage the furnace, CITELUM from the French plant Seguin. The choice was only from cast-iron inserts, as

The services of the company are fully satisfied

The services of the "flora of Gas completely satisfied. Have ordered from them Autonomous gasification program "all

Convector heater General Primero 1000MW - good heater!

Convector heater General Primero 1000MW easily hung on the wall, looks nice. Consumes relatively little power, and the

Schlumberger Gallus 2000G4-1996 a good gas meter

Schlumberger Gallus 2000G4-1996 gas meter to a good private houses set back in the late 1995goda in December. Problems

Immergas NIKE Mini 24 economical boiler chimneys of excellent quality.

Two years ago, have independent heating and boiler chimneys placed Immergas NIKE Mini 24. And it has paid off. The

Dual heating boiler Beretta CITY 24 CSI - not complaining

Operates boiler as it should, with almost no noise. It is convenient that you can hang on the wall, because you can

Electric towel rails for PETN "CINI" Serbia - reliable PETN.

I have a towel warmer is heated by electric heaters. Once bought, the doubt, since PETN is not cheap, but I was

Electric Fireplace Company bought Chtriton log for the soul.

Electric Fireplace Company bought Chtriton log for the soul. Very well fit into the interior. Smortitsya beautiful.

Heater Ballu PTC-306 - Very powerful!

Heater Ballu PTC-306 I really like. It's beautiful appearance, compact, but powerful enough. In a short time the

Good heater, savings, economical in terms of electricity

House for 2 persons, cold water is supplied from wells through a system of reverse cleaning. Initially it was 100

Gas boiler Danko-18

A great pot! Once bought, the main condition was - a stable job with an unstable gas pressure (standard issue for our

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