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Modelform Slim Mother - Review

5 11.05.2016

The path to harmony

After the baby is born, almost all have gained weight, almost 15 kg, for me it is very much because always kept myself in shape, and now even if you don't eat much still gain weight, given that already the child not breast-fed, has decided that we need to address themselves. To go to the doctor just once, went to the pharmacy and explained the situation, I was advised Modelform Slender mother, the pharmacist said that women after birth, it is popular. Village on a diet and began to take this drug, not sure what exactly helped, but the effect began to appear already not the third week, and left about 2 kg, for me it's not a bad result, you can feel the lightness and freedom of movement, became calmer. Take it still not very long, but the result is like, the price is affordable even if you are not very high income

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