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Developmental mat TINY LOVE tropical island - big and awkward - Review

-3 28.03.2012

Developmental mat TINY LOVE tropical island - big and awkward

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Bought rug on the advice of relatives. They were delighted, but we were disappointed with the purchase. The mat is too big, you can only put it on the floor, on a bed or couch when folded it does not fit. The surface is homogeneous, has no textural inserts for the development of the child, except the fabric mat is very slippery. Beeper beeps with great difficulty, the child make it beeping can not physically. No skirting, so that when a child has learned to roll over, leave it on the mat can not be a second. The only plus - this toy, they are very well made, the child is loved. And one more advantage - the mat withstands washing in the machine at 30 degrees.

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