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Reduxine contains harmful sibutramine - Review

-5 13.12.2012

Reduxine contains harmful sibutramine

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Had in my life time when advertised miracle pills Reduxine, a means for weight loss, messed me up for a long time. I believe it is not just advertising, as recommended by doctor, who prescribed me a course of tablets slimming Reduxine tool for weight loss. I wanted to quickly bring yourself back to normal after having a baby, I bought these tabletochki, with those inexpensive, made as directed, one capsule, and within two hours I did not know where to go from terrible headaches and nausea. Could not sleep at night, and when the morning of weakness still asleep, I saw only nightmares! Only later did I learn that contains harmful Reduxine sibutramine, whose action on the brain and body as a whole, has not yet been studied by scientists and pharmacists. By the way, in Western Europe medications containing sibutramine banned, and my capsule Reduxine and lie without a cabinet, this method of weight loss does not suit me, and I lost weight, I like all normal women: diet and movement. Think well, when you buy a miracle pill. After all, you do gain pharmacists, and currently declining health! ..

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