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Пектолван Stop drops

I had a strong, suffocating cough, which could not even sleep. In the pharmacy recommend protivokashlevoe tool

Pills Strepsils not relieve the pain.

Lozenges Strepsils not relieve a sore throat. In the pharmacy I was told that on the first tablets, the pain won't go

Tablet Lipril

For many years my mother suffered high blood pressure. The local doctor was advised to change the medication which she

Rectal Efferalgan for children

At the age of two months, when not all syrups can give a child, and the temperature of the baby all the time growing

Pills for motion sickness and nausea, Pharmaciens Inc.

Going on the road bought the pills for motion sickness and nausea, Pharmaciens Inc, 50 mg dimenhydrinate the taste is

Macmiror pills cause side

The doctor prescribed Macmiror from infection, drank it and began abdominal pain, nausea, was particularly strong

Spray in the nose Neonoks bakes.

Recently bought on the advice of a pharmacist in a pharmacy in a nose spray with TSIKLOMENOM Neonoks. But at the first

Ziteal antiseptic foaming solution

Ziteal (Cyteal) antiseptic foaming solution, the manufacturer Pierre Fabre Medicament, France I used for the treatment

Antigrippin cold symptoms does not eliminate

Recently sick - runny nose, sneezing, headache. This is the case the house was purchased in advance Antigrippin,

Strepsils plus bitter and useless

Oral Spray for Strepsils plus bitter and useless. The throat relaxes and not only causes a cough and a revulsion. Is

Dr. ointment. Theissen with larkspur

Ointment larkspur from Dr Theiss designed to deal with radiculitis, osteochondrosis, and other diseases associated with

Nasal spray Novartis "Vibrocil" - Bad helps!

Nasal Spray Novartis "Vibrocil" I was told at the pharmacy, because I had a very stuffy nose! Spray great

Pills "Sage for sucking" did not help!

Recently ran into unexpected problem: 2 hours before the exam sore throat, and so, needless to say almost because of

Didn't help for the course of treatment with Irunin.

When there were problems with fungal disease of the nails the doctor prescribed me the drug "Irony" he is quite strong

Zelenka pencil

The son constantly knocks knees, abrasions appear. Bought in a drugstore miracle remedy, Zelenka TM "Licol", in the

Drops Tonginal very well help

In autumn acute vegetative-vascular dystonia, a doctor has prescribed drops Tonginal. Now only he and save. The action

The child finally started sleeping well

Is magical pills for sleep! Because they helped us out of all meats, with pediatrician and child neurologist with their

Капли Береш плюс - отличная поддержка

Решил заняться своим здоровьем, а то что-то часто болеть стал. Начал бегать по утрам и заниматься на турниках в соседнем

Sweet taste and pleasant aroma

I don't like to take medication and always escaped traditional methods (honey, legs, hovered, inhalation), but this

Цитовир - эффективный противовирусный препарат

Мое знакомство с этим препаратом началось весной позапрошлого года, когда за весну я переболела ОРВИ 6!!! раз. На очеред

Candide solution for external application1% luchit nail fungus!

After a pedicure appeared fungus on the nail plate. I knew that to cure nail fungus on hard enough! Candide helped me


The first time I tried capsules Maxilac, when poisoned the sea. Friend gave me to restore intestinal. The action is

Помогает при заложенности носа

Не буду я ни хвалить, ни ругать это средство. Когда нос не дышит, то без Фармазолина не обойтись - капаю нос, минут чере

Мореназал Иммуно с ним не болею

Недавно только родила, и хочу порекомендовать спрей на основе прокаленной морской воды с пептидами, который порекомендов

The drug SINUPRET (Bionorica) - has not met expectations.

As soon as winter came, my husband caught a cold, but the doctor gave him a drug SINUPRET, with reviews of the drug

tabletki "Repejin" From kompanii "Evalar" helps after chemotherapy.

More odnim zamechatelnym preparatom, kotory pomog moey kollege cpravitcya c nachinayuschimcya rakom, ctali tabletki

Lysobacter cured a sore throat

I don't like to gargle sprays too sharp as zilch immediately nauseated. So take Lizobakt, resolves slowly and carefully

Oscillococcinum - my child is sick

In the period of acute colds in the garden, I give my son Oscillococcinum. This is a homeopathic remedy for preventing

Voltaren Emulgel - the best remedy for back pain, muscle and joint pain.

Osteochondrosis, arthrosis and other similar diseases - the scourge that affects most of the adult population. Tried a

Mefenamic acid "DARNITSA" - an excellent febrifuge

Whenever there is a high temperature taking mefenamic acid, because it is in the body stimulates the production of

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