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RECONAN opinion - Review

5 01.07.2019

With reconna I survived graduation!

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When I was admitted to law me all in one voice warned - will be difficult, prepare. But I dreamed of jurisprudence and was ready for it. It was difficult, it is true, moreover, that I immediately set a very high bar and for 5 years kept it going solid red diploma. And now it's all over, session, tests, exams, remained last, most important - protection of the diploma. to prepare it I started last fall, several times, remaking from scratch, perfecting, but half way my brain rebelled from overload and categorically refused to work, to think, to analyze, to remember. It was me, but not me. At least I did not recognize. And so the winter passed, is 3 months, and I and the horse is not lying! Became hysterical, which further interfere with focus. Mom, seeing my agony, he led me to the neurologist. I hated it first, I'm not sick! But after talking with the specialist calmed down. He laid it down and said that if I leave everything as is, releasing to chance my health. I agreed to the treatment. Although treatment is difficult to call, it was only Reconan. Manual recognise read: take it need 1 sachet a day during meals for one month. Before taking read about it, and realized that this is the best nootrop recognized even in the West. Throughout March, I saw him regularly, not missing a single day. The first results I saw at the end of the second week, it was already much visible results I became more attentive, focused, calm, probably on the background of decreased anxiety and improved sleep. The last 2 weeks I had finished Recogned on the big moral raising, work has moved forward, it seems to me that BEFORE all this I was not so able-bodied, from the pen one by one just flew off the pages of my thesis and I was very pleased with it. And not only I, but my sponsor too. With taking Recognize I have never had any problems, no allergic reactions, no individual intolerance, or other side effects, only positive impressions. I graduated from the Academy last month perfectly, without Recognize just would not have coped, so I'm really grateful to him..

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