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Синупрет® Sinupret - Review

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Tablets Respire

Often more than SARS, and now ill in the next Noah time, the beginning of a sore throat, nesmotry. I went to the

Cornicing (Dormikind) homeopathic medicine

The child is restless in his sleep from birth. The doctor prescribed Cornicing (Dormikind - manufacturer Deutsche,

Gel Dentol Pharma Science Dental Baby from Pharmacys fusion tool

When the child began to erupt teeth I knew that I definitely will need to use tools that will remove the pain. The

Development, CJSC "Pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa"

In ischemic stroke, the doctor prescribed her injections of Development, after the first injection, my mother started,

Antimicrpobial means of Gentaksan

As prevention of sepsis were acquired antimicrobial agent Gentaxan (Gentaksan) but unfortunately no preventive impact,

Ointment Diclofenac

When inflamed knee and it was hard to move, the doctor prescribed an ointment Diclofenac. After the full course of

Nasal spray Tizin Allergy

All kind time of day!Want to share my problem. I have a daughter,she is seven years old. For the second year notice

Doxycycline by RUE "Belmedpreparaty" Minsk, zhudkuyu caused nausea on the first day.

A doctor appointed by 7 days of doxycycline. I bought a pack of 10 capsules production of RUE

Донормил: cure for insomnia.

«Донормил» is touted as a great cure for insomnia. Really helps. But a «stunning» side effect, does not marked. On the m

Nasal spray Aqua Maris " Jadran "

Sometimes need rinse the nose spray Aqua Maris children. And so, by purchasing it again at the pharmacy, was surprised

Candles homeopathic Vagikal

Candles appoint ginikolog as healing anti-inflammatory. I will say that it does not help, the effect of placebo, as

Rimantadine company "Biosynthesis"

Antiviral drug Rimantadine - low price, excellent quality was before. Now no effect + abdominal pain. If you have some

Tantum Verde spray is not effective.

Bought over the counter spray Tantum Verde favmatsevt advised to take medication for a child for more. Three days were

Sinus lift / Elevator complex with an extract of cyclamen European Georg BioSystems

Sick with sinusitis doctor prescribed Sinus lift / Elevator complex with an extract of cyclamen European Georg

Loratadine tablets "-Ctoma" are not valid.

During the may flowering herbs I have exacerbated by allergies, have to buy imported antigistaminnoe, but its price is

Уберег печень Фосфоглив помог

Из-за горечи во рту, и тяжести в правом боку, обратился к врачам, так как мне сказали, что это может быть из-за проблем

Cough syrup "Ambrogeksal" convenient and efficient means.

Cough syrup "Ambrogeksal 'daughter was prescribed a cough. Packaged convenient measuring spoon. A very

Ointment Fastumgel really helps!

Playing football, I got a great hamstring stretch right leg. Turned for advice to the surgeon, who advised me Fastumgel

The transition to isulin of Renlys

Leave a small review about insulin. Rinos Kohl for about a month. To go with the Humalog was not desire.

the drug is really beneficial

If you compare Olives with de Nole that every pharmacy strives to sell on complaints of stomach pain, I make the choice

Nasal spray Akvamaris - prevention of inflammation of adenoids.

Akvamaris nasal spray based on sea salt cleans the nose well. It is ideal for the prevention of inflammation of

Cream Pimafucin production Astellas Pharma Europe BV (Yamonouchi) quickly healed yeast.

After the birth had to take antibiotics, which caused the thrush. Pleasant was very little, especially given the

Tablets "Tamipul" will help you quickly overcome the pain!

Recently discovered tablets "Tamipul", and it became for me a real salvation during the period. The fact is

Gelatin films

gelatin films with eucalyptus-perfect remedy for a sore throat! Ask me in all pharmacies of the country!

Asparcam table. N50. Manufacturer: Halychpharm, Ukraine. Needs while taking diuretics!

Indispensable medication while taking diuretics or laxatives! Helps keep the body potassium and magnesium! And we need

Отличные таблетки от боли в горле

Добрый день. Расскажу вам про свое лечение во время простуды, когда беременна была, вдруг кому понадобится. Когда была н

Syrup "Ambroxol" of CJSC "Borschagovsky Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant" has helped us to quickly

The syrup is relatively cheap, and tell you a secret, most of the expectorant syrup is made based on this. They just

Universal drug from problems in the stomach

About a year ago the pharmacy was sold aabutin and these pills saved me from a sudden abdominal cramps. Since these

The best laxative that I had to use it.

Those who are faced with constipation will understand my mood today, and it is just wasted, because it is already the

Regular paracetamol tablets - better than any imported drugs

Always buy the most ordinary paracetamol tablets cheap Russian-made in paper containers, which are no worse than

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