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Садовые ножницы Echo - Review

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AQUARIUS electric pump 3.

To lift water from the well bought electric AQUARIUS-3, the manufacturer works "LEPSE." Pump water well, but

Generator "Bosch EB530K" very noisy.

Do not like how the generator is "Bosch EB530K" noisy and a lot of exhaust gases from him in the yard, did

Red IR lamp E-27

Bought for heating greenhouses heat lamp E-27krasnogo color, 250vatt.Greet good, but the problem is that after three or

Fishing line trimmer, AksayElektroZapchast.

For mowing bought fishing line trimmer, production AksayElektroZapchast. Very sorry, as fishing line is very fragile

Petrol Lawn Mower Makita (Japan) - only for flat surfaces

Powerful enough lawn for a long time working without interruption, but poorly adapted to the uneven terrain. Any bump

Chainsaw BRITECH BT 46/40 CS (Italy) - deaf

For all the characteristics of a good drink, mild and strong. The disadvantage is that it sometimes stalls. Very easy

Pruner " " from Moscow, Centroinstrumenta

Secateurs " Michurinsky " from brand " Hand " not liked because of the awkward

Decorative fence for flowerbeds

What systems does not wish his flower beds are allocated against the ridges and the lawn? For these purposes I and

hose for watering the garden plot by "Buffalo" quickly cracked.

Bought a hose for watering the garden plot by "Buffalo", but after a couple of months he was crack and leak,

Mower Husqarna H350 fit only for the fields.

Need a lawn mower for a long time, and advised us to choose the seller Husqarna H350 model well and the price we bought

Outdoor swing-store from an online store of gifts and souvenirs «KupiSuvenir» disappoint

Swing does not inspire confidence. Beams which is lightweight, it is not clear from which everything is made of wood.

Greenhouse "Uralochka" Eco Garden-enhanced uncomfortable.

Greenhouse "Uralochka" enhanced Eco Garden is very inconvenient. Working with her was very difficult and

Pump water "brook" - low-quality!

This inexpensive Belarusian pump for pumping water from boreholes and wells is neither its power nor the capacity for

tiller "Bison DK41" vibrates during operation.

Bought a tiller "Bison DK41" tried on my plot, and he did not like me its a very strong vibration of the

Garden soil universal with branches.

I do not recommend to buy for growing seedlings Garden universal primer of PJSC "Seliger-Holding". It is not

Greenhouse "Outdoor-hand" from "Freedom" - a compact and inexpensive

My husband is very tall, so he always resented, why greenhouses are so low, he was uncomfortable in their work. I read

Tiller MC 4061-B, Centaur - superior quality at an affordable price

Our tiller domestic manufactured high quality. Working with us for two years. Powerful, about seven horsepower. It is

Electric Trimmer Gardena EasyCut 400 (UK) saves time in the care of a garden.

A year ago, bought an electric trimmer Gardena EasyCut 400 of Veikobritanii. It is the right mechanism in any garden,

lights to illuminate the garden "Lux" nice to look at dusk.

Got finally send your order lights to illuminate the garden "Lux" which are charged by the sun during the day

Vibrating pump Chestnut production 2P Ukraine - and the water would get from a well watered garden, and help

When our old pump in the well began to act up, we started to choose new. After many comparisons have stopped at the

objects of imitation of rain from the company "FloreW" is rescued from the drought.

Handy for watering the garden objects simulate rain from the company "FloreW" which is very easy to

Aerator / vertikutter Al-Ko Comfort 38 VLE Combi Care - a handy thing

is very convenient thing in the care of a garden-vertikutter Electric Aerator AL-KO Comfort 38 VLE Combi Care: two in

Reliable and affordable Motoblock Centaur 1070D

1070D Using Motoblock Centaur for 2 years. The machine is very powerful. Complete walk-behind tractor attachments, and

Battery mower Bosch Rotak 43 LI-good lawn mower

lawn mower battery Bosch Rotak 43 LI.Rovny groomed lawn is a card of your home. This mower is worth only positive

brushcutters Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 copes even with the high grass.

Trimmer compact. If space in the closet a little - brushcutters Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 FOR YOU. we have a small plot, but

Быстрая уборка листьев и травы

Когда заказывала воздуходувку, не думала даже, что она так хорошо впишется в наши будни по уходу за участком. Она не сл

Садовый помощник - Интернет-магазин садовой техники

Отличный магазин садовой техники Садовый помощник. Огромный ассортимент,удобный сайт: Удобное расположен

Lawn Mower Husqvarna

A very useful thing, if you want to be well-groomed lawn near the house. Mower is very easy to operate, it is easy to


Это моя вторая покупка от бренда Champion, первой была бензопила, отзыв про нее тоже оставлял здесь. Триммер выбирал исх

Swings from "ListenMory" garden with a shed, then you need to relax.

Very comfortable swing in the garden were from the "ListenMory" well merge with the surrounding foliage and

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