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Pampers Baby Sensitive wipes moist 3 1 * 56sht - good - Review

3 18.05.2012

Pampers Baby Sensitive wipes moist 3 1 * 56sht - good

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Napkins are very handy, very handy to use them, they are perfectly removed, each cloth separately, to the extent they are wet with them is not flowing, but I also liked their smell, so unobtrusive .

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Wet baby wipes My Sunshine. These wipes did not like the smell of its saturated, after wiping the skin irritation

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Once purchased moist baby wipes "Dr.Tuttelle" and even in the road, hardship to them, they are first on one

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When using wet wipes for children Huggies baby started irritation! At first I thought it was an allergy to a food

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The smell of them are very nice. Wiped their child, and everything seemed to be normal. In the morning took off the

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I bought a huge pack of baby wipes Johnson's baby, and they I did not like the structure proved to be too very

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I'm not happy that bought your baby wipes "Johnson's baby", as they began to enjoy a little bit

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Pampers wipes

Buy Pampers baby wipes for use on the street or in public transport. Price they are not so small, 170 p., But the

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I bought skincare son wipes Pampers Sensitiv, as the manufacturer promises that they are hypo-allergenic, suitable for

Johnsons baby oil dry skin

My daughter has dry skin. Familiar advised to buy baby oil, they say it is well moisturized. I've been picked and

Babyline Nature – самый лучший гель для купания моего малыша.

С самых первых дней жизни моего малыша я пользуюсь гелем для купания Babyline Nature с целебными травами. Еще до рожден

Herbal baths for the kids "Bebivita" from the company "Hipp-Uzhhorod"

To save the baby's delicate skin and protect it from irritation and redness, we have from the earliest days of

Really enjoyed the gel.

Wonderful gel! Since birth we use it and to refuse is not collected. Moreover, I want to see Gel OUR MOM bathing love

Foam Shampoo from head to toe Jonson's baby (Jonson & Jonson S. p. A., Italy) - I am very pleased with this tool

Very good tool for bathing the baby. Do not irritate the eyes of the child, the foam is very pleasant smell, barely

Cream children from "Spring". No worse than import!

In our regular supermarket bought this cream, frankly, more for myself, it costs only 24 rubles. For my daughter bought

Отлтичное качество

Родилась внучка. Родители ей всегда берут подгузники Merries. Отличное качество, попа малышки всегда сухая, очень мягкие

Bubchen baby lotion with chamomile - and perfect for adults!

It was the first beauty of my baby, but I had it so to heart that we have used them for two. Especially like the sweet

Love the Huns

The Huns are one of the best diapers I have ever tried, or rather my babies.With the younger we are with the birth

Huggies Newborn Diapers from "Kimberly-Clark," 2-5 kg ​​28 pieces - the quality matches the price

first hesitated to buy these diapers, because the price of their bites, but having tried other cheaper and not getting

Soap scum-Pigeon for babies, 500ml + 400ml refill pack - quite gentle

us soap-scum Pigeon gave the baby to the day of his birth, began to bathe almost from the first day and were satisfied,

Herbal baths for children, "quack-quack" from the "Golden Key", easy to use!

Since the birth of her child bathe with these herbal baths! Very convenient! Herbs are distributed in the filter bags!

Children's Body Lotion Johnson & Johnson 24 hour moisturizing - great body lotion.

Body Lotion by Johnson & Johnson is very good, I like it. The quality of his excellent, enough to pack for a long

Baby wipes Pamper universal, wet sound. s

Pampers Baby Wipes are suitable for different purposes. They are well hydrated, do not cause allergies. Now apply them

Baby Cream for bathing by Oriflame - a gentle and soft way

Baby Cream from Oriflame for bathing especially liked me. Calm for their children when they bathe with this tool. It is

TM liquid soap "Porn" we have to clean the whole family

This soap not only enjoy the baby, but our entire family. The smell of his stunning, not pungent and irritating, I want

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