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Pampers Baby Sensitive wipes moist 3 1 * 56sht - good - Review

3 18.05.2012

Pampers Baby Sensitive wipes moist 3 1 * 56sht - good

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Napkins are very handy, very handy to use them, they are perfectly removed, each cloth separately, to the extent they are wet with them is not flowing, but I also liked their smell, so unobtrusive .

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Wet baby wipes My Sunshine. These wipes did not like the smell of its saturated, after wiping the skin irritation

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Advice from friends mom bought wet wipes Smile baby, chamomile and aloe. She recommended them to me as well, but I do

Napkins "Johnson's baby" without perfume 24sht wet - the quality is not impressed

I'm not happy that bought your baby wipes "Johnson's baby", as they began to enjoy a little bit

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When using wet wipes for children Huggies baby started irritation! At first I thought it was an allergy to a food

Pampers wipes

Buy Pampers baby wipes for use on the street or in public transport. Price they are not so small, 170 p., But the

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My sister recently had a son and now she uses wipes Wet Wipes International (WETTIES Classik). The smell of them good,

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The smell of them are very nice. Wiped their child, and everything seemed to be normal. In the morning took off the

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Moist baby wipes Bella Baby Happy delicate disappointed me. Especially not like that wipes hard to get out of the

Wet wipes for baby care Premial "Baby Line" 80 pieces - do not like

If you buy - the price immediately alerted (low), but still decided to try it. I did not like the smell, very pungent.

Wet Wipes baby TM "Dr.Tuttelle" with an extract of plant 64sht - sticky

Once purchased moist baby wipes "Dr.Tuttelle" and even in the road, hardship to them, they are first on one

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I bought a huge pack of baby wipes Johnson's baby, and they I did not like the structure proved to be too very

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Panties Libero Up and Go 16-26kg XL plus 42 pieces pass almost from the first minute of use.

Panties Libero Up and Go 16-26kg XL plus 42 pieces pass almost from the first minute of use. Neither the upper layer,

With such a reliable defender on the diaper rash, you can forget

The cream powder I noticed when choosing skin cosmetics for younger child. And wondered for a senior bought a similar

Toothpaste ROCS baby from 0 to 3 years, good pasta.

I like toothpaste ROCS baby from 0 to 3 years. It is without adding dyes and harmful impurities. Child cleans teeth


I use these diapers, my son take. Ass remains dry, absorbs well, no smell sharp, do not cause allergies or irritation.

Pampers Premium Care Dry Max Maxi 4 (7-18 kg), 24 pieces - expensive but good

Once the friends have brought diapers as a gift, such as when we tested them, found them safely absorb even a sparse

Found your child's new quality shampoo

This shampoo gave us the godfather of my child. The packaging says dusche & shampoo, which means it can be and as a

G-diapers "Merries" size L 9-14 kg 44sht - pretty good

We are buying these panties diapers when the baby grew up and it must have been accustomed to the pot, they helped us a

Powder of Babi Mild "OSOTSPA Int." - A good powder.

When my son was very young, in the summer often had to use the powder. One of the nicest I think of powder Babi Mild

Washing powder Eared nannies erases fine.

Detergent "Eared nurses' wife used when we were little kids. It is odorless, does not cause allergies, and all

Children's bath foam My Sunshine Hush-a - swimming is fun!

My child loves to swim, foaming bath, it is a buy. She has lavender and rose oil, without tears, economical costs -

Children comb Nuk, Germany - made especially for babies.

The best comb for infant hairs - a baby massage brush Nuk! She has a soft, natural bristles that will not damage the

Baby diapers Pampers active baby - high quality and inexpensive!

Baby diapers Pampers active baby daughter to my ideal. Many absorbing, well-seated, low-cost. I see no reason to

Bubchen Lotion to moisturize and care for sensitive skin

Bubchen Milk I really liked the skin of my baby. We applied it after swimming. Very nice texture, easily absorbed (just

Baby soap "Agha"-always use

to always buy your child's baby soap "Agoo." Mylitsya Well, does not irritate the delicate baby skin,

Diapers Pampers Active baby maxi plus 9-20kg 120sht - like

Diapers Pampers Active baby maxi plus one of the few that I trust and know that they are more expensive though and the

Ointment Bepaten zamechaelno treats children's diaper rash.

I do not know what, but sonny constant trouble - diaper rash. It's a horror! Poor baby! And the cream for diaper

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