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Salmon caviar Bashtanka - Review

5 20.06.2012

Salmon caviar "Bashtanka" - the best!

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This red caviar, salmon roe from a brand "Bashtanka" will be an ornament to any meal. Caviar has a taste of the freshest butter and eats with enthusiasm and great for sandwiches!

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I like very much to eat, "Bream dried Sticks PREMIUM" Company "Tentor" Saint Petersburg

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Salted Salmon "Svityaz" - delicious!

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Chilled crab sticks VICII

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TM Canned Seafood Crab canned in own juice. These crabs!

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Crab meat "The Soul of the Ocean" by Vici juicy and tasty.

Crab meat "The Soul of the Ocean" by Vici was really juicy and tasty. Although its seafood and produce with

Pink salmon in white sauce from TM "Tuna" - delicious

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Bullheads in tomato sauce from the "Trade House" - you can eat.

Canned love, but especially with the half-forgotten taste. Remember, in the Soviet Union were in short supply canned

Salmon caviar caviar "Soviet" 140g w / w - delicious

Took a red caviar on New Year's Eve and were very happy with it. In terms of value, this caviar is very affordable,

Blue whiting fish, tasty and little bones!

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Carp - the most delicious fish!

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Salmon TM "Flanderr" steak in a vacuum - tasty and healthy

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Capelin roe from the classic JV "Santa Bremor" - good on sandwich spreads

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Laminaria "Balance" from TM Santa Braemar - delicious

Older I'm not very fond of seaweed salad, mostly because they add too much vinegar. It's not very tasty, and

Caviar TM «FINE FOOD» - good

We took a recent red salmon caviar for the grainy sandwich on the table, we liked it very much, amazingly delicious and

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