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Optics salon Bespectacled Omsk - Review

-4 18.01.2014

Optics Salon "Eyeglasses", Omsk

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Sister need to get points. My favorite salon Optics is too far, and I sent it in optic Salon "Man" (Marx, 39), after hearing praise for the speed and quality of execution of the order and on the acceptable prices. Signing up in advance, she went for glasses with glass lens. Eyesight checked quickly, began to pick up the rim. Selected unsuccessfully in the high price range (not the consultant was offering). While sister noticed a retro frame and did not want to buy it. It turned out that this product promotion, and when you order the lens rim this is free of charge. Consultant lost any interest to her sister and just vypihnula out of the shop. In the evening the visor glasses. After her purchase, I told the sister that lens in the glasses is not made of glass (as voiced in the store on several occasions), and plastic, and not the best quality. For these lenses she gave 4 thousand. In General, the service of this store leaves much to be desired. And if you want to buy a high quality glasses for adequate price, "the Man," I do not advise you to walk.

Tags: eyeglasses, optics, Omsk

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