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4 05.05.2018

The salon, which is found your car!

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The first time I purchased the car, naturally, for me it was a great event. Very long read reviews online about car dealerships in different parts of the city and region. Bypassed all motorists with a survey where they bought their car and what were your impressions about the salon and most importantly about the car. In the end, I decided to appeal to the Car interior angle located at the address Lenin Avenue, 59. The location of the cabin is convenient, and the subway to get quickly and if the car to arrive, it's no problem to drive up and Park. I just knew that I wanted a Skoda Fabia, so went with the firm intention to buy "his" machine and immediately go to her. The site has left their phone, for model of interest. The Manager called me back, told me about the equipment, the cost of which may receive discounts, etc. Agreed that two days will come to buy. On the right day, appearing in the office, was frankly taken aback not entirely good news. It turned out that the required configuration is not available, I honestly live hands down... There in the warehouse, but wait, I didn't quite like it, honestly. Consulted with a friend, I thought, decided not to wait and take equipment slightly more expensive. Inspected the car briefly, enjoyed it, asked for a test drive, we provide it. The car is good) the optimal size for the city and a novice driver, located the manual transmission, the transmission can be easily switched, the only thing then it was discovered, in the process of exploitation - in the car with not so good sound insulation. Then began to more thoroughly inspect the car and found a scratch on the disk. From afar of course not visible, only if you look good. Maybe someone reading my review, I will say that this is not essential. For me, for the first such purchase is very important. The Manager said he will make a discount, and this probably was the deciding factor for me. No, you could certainly wait a while, then we would need equipment brought to and defects in the machine would not have, but I didn't wait, decided to buy it. Issued in principle all fast, some of the red tape paper, especially not. The work of managers is sometimes puzzling - as it slowly did everything I could not answer some of our questions. Immediately inside, out insurance. There were offers of additional services, but we firmly rejected them, to impose on did not. Gave as a gift a set of winter tires ( or rather you can choose from several options) and a bottle of champagne for the inconvenience. A discount for a scratch made, as promised. In the salon there are some negative nuances and moments, but, overall happy with transaction. .

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