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Bionorica, Sinupret - Review

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Tantum Verde is a useless waste of money

I haven't been so disappointed medicinal product. The older son happened ARD, and appointed Tanum Verde. Order and

Herbal lozenges Dr. Mom

Herbal cough lozenges Dr. Mom. I tried this remedy for sore throat and cough, I want to say that no action alleviate

Useless Nayz gel

I pulled out and over the counter advised this gel. The user manual says that you can use to decrease or disappearance

Aerosol Kameton

Decided to try the spray Kameton as got it in the throat, and needed something to treat. In a drugstore have advised to

Dufalak laxative

Dufalak is advertised as effective laxative. But I want to say that it doesn't help. Doctor appointed for the child and

Cough syrup, Gamma

My mother started strong, suffocating, dry cough, going to the pharmacy, the pharmacist advised cough syrup, Gamma.

Tablets Taygeron cause severe vomiting.

When the husband is sick with bronchitis and the doctor gave him pills Taygeron, after his admission, he began severe

L-color - drug

L-color - drug against allergies, Manufacturer: LLC «KUSUM PHARM». Can't download that the drug is completely useless, b

Captopril-Darnitsa many side effects

Tablets drug Captopril - Darnitsa I bought their grandmother on the recommendation of her primary care physician for

Lemsip - chemistry of high concentration

, Hot in pursuit, so to speak... Ill treated colds oddly enough, the funds from the cold. Husband brought "Lemsip

"Ugolyok in Stakhanov" Mint +, fennel was not surprised.

I saw this advertisement about the activated carbon and decided to find out what this coal differs from conventional

Fungosveči Čikuenok aroused strong stimulation

Application of fungosvečej Čikuenok production and brought a frustration and discomfort. Literally after one had severe

Antipyretic syrup Panadol Baby

Antipyretic syrup Panadol Baby appeared in our home medicine cabinet in the treatment of angina, my son. The effect of

The cream-foam body Panthenol - is not an effective means of

Panthenol. I bought this tool before you go to the sea, as Burns quickly in the sun. Once I was once again a little bit

Tea for babies Plantex

When my daughter began the familiar infant colic, decided to submit harmless, according to the pharmacist, tea Plantex.

Gingival gel Metrogyl Denta-really helped me with a toothache

When I have a toothache or bleeding gums, I was greatly helps reduce inflammation and relieve the pain of a dental gel

Aabutin great help.

I am a student. Eat, you know, mostly snacking. Even my boyfriend and I love fast food restaurants. Probably because of


Today was going through my medicine Cabinet, put things in order, expiry dates checked and caught myself thinking that

Nazol spray "Sagmel" - a good fight with nasal congestion

This is one of the few means of a cold, which are really good and helps get rid of a cold. I especially like the fact

I have

Want to share your story. During pregnancy, it was winter, all sneezing and coughing in the clinic, they do not go to

Gel Dentol - effective remedy for teething

Gel Dentol was a lifesaver for a teething baby. Relieves the pain instantly, acts as a local anesthetic. Estesstvenno

My assistant in the fight against acidity

I have since my teenage years, problems with the stomach due to the acidity. Have to constantly monitor and take

"Aflubin" - a reliable defender of diseases

Is it true my savior. At the slightest sign of a cold or a cold, the flu epidemic, two tea spoon "Aflubin" a

Lioton Gel 1000

I love to run around with friends on the field (soccer) in the ground if you are selected for the whole day and then

Helped from sweating

I have, or rather was, such a delicate problem as excessive sweating in the underarms. And that armpit sweating, other

My assistant-Pactum

Me for several years was tormented by constipation. The reasons are many and bad nutrition and stress, but, most

Medicine Enalapril 20 mg Holden Medical Ninderlandy - copes well with pressure

Suffer renavaskulyarnoy hypertension due to polycystic kidneys of both, I was appointed as the drug Enalapril 20 mg,

It is easy to breathe with the nose drops for Akvamaris

With a cold all the advice to use the drops or spray Akvamaris. It is made from sea water. Helps you quickly, while it

Drops for the nose "Pinasol" - placebo

These droplets on the grass, that is, no harm to your body. I have a deviated nasal septum, and I often use the drops

Ointment "Hydrocortisone" deprived all my problems with the skin in a very short time!

I was just amazed that the ointment may give a striking effect for the three applications! All the pimples have

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