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SCHAUMA Herbal Strengthening balsam hair conditioner weights - Review

-1 11.02.2013 | 11 February 2013 at 16:25

SCHAUMA Herbal Strengthening balsam hair conditioner weights

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Half a year ago, around July-month, there was the novelty of shauma, decided to try, like a good brand. But no luck. SCHAUMA Herbal Strengthening Balm conditioner I did not fit. My,'s always dry hair, steel zhirnet by the evening, if the head wash in the morning (((And that's not all disappointment! Hair became well very heavy and unruly. Indignation has no limits, because they both fell, and dropping, though already Nearly three months using this balm and similar shampoo. length of my hair now - 82cm, and they require good care, but it will now have a means to exclude and find a replacement.

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I use burdock, rubbing warmed oil into the hair roots and leave for three hours. The result is very happy.

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