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Chain stores, M-Video - low-quality goods. - Review

-3 26.04.2012

Chain stores, "M-Video" - low-quality goods.

I'm in these stores is rare, but when visiting the impression has never changed. At the entrance is always meets Protection. But on the trading floor of consultants are hard to find, and their knowledge about the product are worse than mine. The quality of goods is low, do not just have to change.

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Переехали с семьей в Питер. Ремонт в купленной квартире делали своими руками. Во время ремонта нашли крутой магазин стро

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Shop steel doors "Door" (Karaganda) - and a large assortment and the prices suit

Shop amaze with their variety: the choice is large enough. So also picked up a quality product - a very good door. I

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