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Shampoo for men Kampo Fresh from Belita - basically, not a bad shampoo - Review

3 30.10.2011

Shampoo for men "Kampo Fresh" from "Belita" - basically, not a bad shampoo

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Unlike some other shampoos this manufacturer, "Kampo Fresh" I like it. And the smell of a nice, normal, and foams. In general, any claims or complaints from my husband for him there. The price is not high enough shampoo that is good.

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Shampoo, "the Onion" ("Belise") saved in the full sense of the word, my hair!

A bad environment, lack of time for good nutrition - it's all very affected by the condition of hair. Therefore, it

Shampoo in a series of clean lines with hops, and burdock maslomsdelaet your hair silky and shiny.

Bought the shampoo out of line with a series of pure hops, and burdock oil production concern "Kalina".

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