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Shampoo for hair and body for children Bamboo Panda Bubchen Bubchen 250 ml - not foam - Review

-3 08.11.2012

Shampoo for hair and body for children Bamboo Panda Bubchen (Bubchen) 250 ml - not foam

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Recently acquired a baby shampoo and body Bamboo Panda Bubchen (Bubchen) 250 ml had bought with him a few times and got it in no way impressed. The aroma from the shampoo I did not like, barely audible and the smell is not very pleasant. Hair rinse them hard, shampoo does not create foam, and the body badly razmylivaetsya. By washing leaves the impression that the skin slippery and neobmytaya. After washing the baby's head appeared slightly noticeable flaking and scalp like a scab. General impressions were rather negative, for this price you can for your child to find shampoo and better.

Tags: Bamboo Panda, Bubchen, baby shampoo

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