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Shampoo Luce from TM Dakos - excellent care for hair and scalp - Review

5 05.02.2012

Shampoo Luce from TM Dakos - excellent care for hair and scalp

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shampoo I tried on the advice of the barber pole, very pleased with the result. The shampoo does not smell, it is a colorless, liquid, almost like water, there are no fragrances, dyes, and the other is not very useful for hair chemical additives. The hair of him becoming stronger, less falling out. I took the shampoo for oily scalp and oily hair, now my head every two days, and the hair look fresher and cleaner than when they are washed once a day. My husband bought this as a shampoo for problem scalp. He, too, like dandruff was gone, my head does not itch.

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