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Shampoo Belita-Viteks thermal water - Review

-3 16.07.2014 | 17 July 2014 at 10:15

Shampoo thermal water Belita-Viteks

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Bought shampoo thermal water Threefold Effect from Bility-Vitex after a balm on the advice of the seller. The balm of this series I used - I really like it. But with shampoo were not successful for me.
Shampoo declared for all hair types - this is pure evil. If you are the owner painted as I am, or oily hair - this shampoo is not for you. The freshness of hair missing less than half a day, the roots of fat, as if he had not washed his head for a week. If you have dry hair and scalp, try would probably be OK.
Plus, this shampoo only the price is about 100 rubles per 500 ml

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