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Unfair Progress tour company in Zaporozhye

At the time of treatment in the travel agency progress in my passport has already been used several Schengen visas, and

Tour operator Pegasus Touristik - dual view

Personally I have any problems with this operator was not. Maybe I was lucky. Guides have got normal. Do not want to

Мошенники, лишь бы деньги получить

Здравствуйте. Хочу поделиться с Вами крайне неприятной ситуацией, которая произошла у меня с Imprator Al Sahra Tourism.

Travel Agency "Pan Ukraine" - poor quality!

This tour operator is initially shows his unprofessionalism in this area. Long, long time made all the necessary

Coral Travel can spoil your holiday

With the help of tour operator Coral Travel I had to go to Turkey. From Turkey have remained good impression, but on

Travel company "Azimuth SPB"

Just over a year ago to soy wife in a shopping center a woman approached and invited to participate in the free prize

Odessa travel agency VIP-Travel is not VIP holiday

This agency provides a varied holiday: weekend tours, picnics, fishing, hunting, flying over Odessa, yachting, booking.

Cheap Trip Travel agency in Moscow did not pnravilas.

In travel agency Cheap Trip to Moscow, I will not longer apply. The purpose of their work does not provide normal otdy

Meridian travel agency Voronezh

Members of Meridian tour conducted psychological treatment of me and my husband on a three hour presentation. Under the

Robinson travel agency in Ryazan

The fall of 2012, our family was to fly to Turkey for a holiday, after signed the contract with the tour company, have

Magnolia tour in Kiev

We used the services of Magnolia-round, even happy. But one day, a birthday to choose a tour to Egypt, told the girl to

Incompetence at work

Going with my wife on a trip to lake Teletskoe. Asked the Agency Earth in Leninsk-Kuznetsky on Lenin Avenue 67/1.

Tour operator Pegas Touristik (Pegasus Touristic) - lousy service!

According to the tour operator Went 2 times. For the first time almost without incident, except for the fact that our

Atlanta travel agency in Odessa

Travel agencies turned to Atlanta in Odessa arrange weekend for two. It was all too correct and fair, all drawn up

Travel agency "Picnic" in Rostov-on-Don is not proyavilyaet no interest.

I decided to buy a ticket to this travel agency and was struck by the indifference of workers to my questions and

s-travel trip to Zaporozhye - exciting and fun

The guys do their job well, organize interesting trips for little money, do tourists from a to me. In Crimea, perfect

Travel Agency "Stagecoach" in Nizhny Novgorod - a reliable and proven

First, we asked back in 2004, when the general knew nothing of the Lower travel agencies. Come - and not regret it.

Great company

I have an old friend from Italy. We are probably 5 years of not seeing each other, and then suddenly the phone. Says

REMIX TOUR, IP SHILAK YE - Quality work, competently, quickly and with a high degree of professionalism.

It is not the first time, and I advise everyone to choose their friends and family contact for all travel products in

супер путешествие от интуриста

Влюбилась в Индию ещё лет 10 назад, когда в детстве летала с мамой. Решила собрать друзей и махнуть туда отдохнуть от мо

The trip to Russia for five

I must say that never so cheap skated on vacation: 14 thousand four days on the Great Fortresses of the North-West

Thank you for an affordable price tours!

We got through coral travel, no wonder so happened that the new office Volkov 9 in our house opened - wife went there

Хорошая турфирма

Хорошая турфирма. Предоставляет высокие уровень сервиса. Цены относительно не высокие. Покупала здесь путевку в Египет,

Travel Agency OstWeast - the right choice

We went through this turagensvo once in Turkey, and all very much. Quality selection of standard and

Tour Operator "PegasTuristik"

Flying this tour operator for holidays in Egypt. I liked everything, the hotel will not give up, everything will

Tour operator Pegas - proven and reliable

Travels with this statement I have passed smoothly, with the insurance documents and everything is fine. The operator

Tour Operator "Artintur" Brest - a friendly atmosphere

We decided to go on summer vacation. Long time to choose a suitable tour. The prices for all tourism operators are

Tez tour in Kiev - the best travel agency

Tez tour is the best agency, so your vacation, I decided to trust them. For a long time to collect money for the trip,

Allure-tour - a great travel agency in Kiev for demanding clients

Have in Allure-tour in August and December last year. Very friendly and nice girl and consultant has helped us to

Only the best impressions!

Had a rest with friends on Christmas 2014 in Sheregesh with travel Agency "My planet" (Leninsk city-Kuznetsk). Head of

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