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Синупрет® Sinupret - Review

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Drops nazale, Rentalin

Bought nasal drops, Rentalin, after the first application appeared dryness of mucous membrane of the nose. It was

Antiseptic Happylor

Much of her throat, my friends advised Happylor (Happylor)-antiseptic and analgesic drug, after I started the

Bifidumbacterin of JSC "Biopharma - the result was not

When the son was still very young often had trouble with tummy is diarrhea, the bloating. Pediatrician advised the

Absolutely no effective means of Anaferon for children

Sick child. The pediatrist has appointed Anaferon, as antiviral agents. Since I am a nursing mother and still in the

Dummy oscillococcinum

There are medications, the so-called pacifier. These pustyškam and is, in my opinion, Oscillococcinum ("

Hylak Forte drops. Manufacturer Ratiopharm

Dysbacteriosis of the intestine was trying to cure, for many years. The doctors prescribed a lot of drugs and yoghurt,

Eden - from allergies

Bought tablets Eden PJSC Farmak from allergies. Absolutely unnecessary overpayment of money. there are drugs much

Pills Hydrochlorothiazide

Mom bought Hydrochlorothiazide tablets, prescribed by a doctor. Had to bring down high blood pressure, and remove the

Drops "Akvadetrim", Medana pharma, Poland - a very uncomfortable cap-dropper.

The child was prescribed an aqueous solution of vitamin D - "Akvadetrim." The medicine should be given one

Zeel ointment t (target)

Zeel ointment t (target). In the treatment of bruises, sprains and other injuries, ointment is bezsil′na, it u

Drop the "Vibrozil"-thrown money

Dvuhgodovalyj child became ill recently, classical acute viral infection. The goal of the spout itself cannot sleep

Дентокинд not help!

Pills Дентокинд not help! Gave to their child according to the scheme in the instructions - the outcome is zero. Even fo

Tablets Nimid pain

Bought tablets Nimid her husband, as severe pain in the joints, it was necessary to anesthetize. But after taking these

Kontraktubeks does not work

Half a year ago I had a polostnuû operation, in consequence of that on my stomach I have an impressive size keloidnyj

Antibiotic Glenmark Glewe

Glenmark Glewe antibiotic. Do not stop in a prolonged cold, the doctor advised the drug. Positive action, he did not

Taurine eye drops 4% of Lecco - improves energy processes

Eye care is needed, so at least once a year to drink vitamins and eye drops to drip. Taurine acts on cell membranes,

Good quality of homeopathic treatment of sleep disorders in children from birth.

Appointed with frequent awakenings during the night baby 5 months after week the problem went away completely. No side

Phosphogliv (fibrosis degree F3)

There was a time in my life when I often with alcohol. I honestly do not strained and are not sick, in the hospital

Antidiarrhoeal agent Loperamide from BZM - a good tool

Sometimes, even an adult can be trapped. So my friend is suffering from this are not pleasant in violation of all the

Immunomodulating agent. Alfarm Kipferon effective drug

drug is just wonderful. My daughter was sick very often. During the next disease pediatrician advised to undergo

Ointment Chondroitin-ICCO - a good ointment

Ointment Chondroitin-ICCO. Pros: absorbs instantly, leaves no greasy residue, the effect of the ointment starts almost

Orasept on "Health Life" - with a sore throat is irreplaceable

Excellent high-speed tool Horsch removes even the most severe pain in the throat, swallowing easier, always use it,

If you have problems with the intestines helped me, "Bisacodyl".

A tool for the treatment of gastro-intestinal tract Balkanpharma / Troyan "Bisacodyl" differs from similar

The best remedy for lice.

We live in the country and pick up lice for us, it is not surprising, but to eradicate them for once, it was some sort

The syrup Inspiron

Today I want to talk about his method of treatment of cough. Got sick, went for many years at the hospital, usually on

Saved my joints

I really want to share with you my experience about the treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee, with injections of

Easier to cough becomes

If the cough is not treated, it is quite possible after some time passes, and why not. Just how strange not to pay

enterosgel-A good way of cleaning the body

Enterosgel - a great tool that can help you from illness such as food poisoning, liver disease, various types of

Gaviscon from "Reckitt Benckiser Helsker Ltd." - magic wand with heartburn

When I was pregnant, the heartburn became my constant companion. For a long time I was afraid to take any drugs because

Always take

I always Alferon take. Helps me. Quickly. And pleasant to the taste, and no smell, easily absorbed. Most importantly

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