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Sling backpack the Miracle - child of the Prime Minister Baimobile - Review

5 06.02.2017

Sling - backpack, true miracle :-)

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All children love when mom is on their hands. And I love to wear the hands of his son. Mother-in-law all the time curses that will teach a child, then she will cry. And in my memory swirling all of her mother's words that wearing the baby need while small, the time will pass quickly, then grow up - you will want to take handle, but will not succeed.
I sometimes think that I have the pleasure and tranquility of this no less than son. Here only the arms and back get tired very much, and do something around the house when the baby in her arms is very difficult.
Then I had Baimobile Prime Minister, who has solved all these problems.
Baimobile Prime is a backpack for carrying children. The fabric is dense enough to hold, but soft, pleasant to touch and gently wraps around your baby. Son feels very comfortable and happy in it, even sleeping.
For mom Baimobile just salvation. The straps are wide and comfortable lying on the shoulders, do not press or RUB. Governed by all the straps very easy and simple. The belt is too wide and the load is on your hips, not your back, so I did not get tired when wearing our son in it.
Now my hands free, I can do whatever you need while son feels abandoned because he is always with me.
Baimobile Prime is an excellent pocket in which it is possible to fold the necessary stuff that you may need on the road.
Now there are no obstacles to make my son feel at ease and protected. When my son was teeth, and he always capricious, Baimobile the Prime Minister was the only salvation. Clinging to me, the baby immediately calmed down and fell asleep, and I managed to cook lunch, and clean up a little bit. And when the little boy on me, I immediately notice if the temperature rises.
The best part is that I can at any time pressing my cheek to the cheek of the baby and to kiss him.
Rejoice every moment with your children.

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