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Infant tub Fisher-Price did not justify its high price!

Baths for swimming Fisher-Price, we used from birth. It costs dearly, had expected the tub will justify its price. But

Interactive cat has disappointed in everything

I do not know, there is an interactive toy-povtorûški "Tom cat" original manufacturer, but all the stores simply f

Children's Summer Stroller Baby Design Elf is not very easy to manage

How it is not very robust. Easy to fold, the weight of a small, but to manage it - you should not have a small effect.

Children's Circle-pot Avent-not the correct thing!

Have presented to our baby when he was 5 months. Confused that it is plastic, and this material absorbs all the colors

Buggy X-Go X-lander (Ikslender) - if I pokupala Reconnect progulku, verily it would be DO NOT bought

In two nedeli operation kolesa steel uzhasno protivno skripet straight horror kakoy, verily, in osobennosti Firmware

Stroller Adamex Neon is not easy!

The stroller is not terribly convenient! I regret this purchase. Most bad for me - it is very difficult. Okay for those

Stroller ABC Design Pramy Luxe

Stroller ABC Design Pramy Luxe serves us more than a year already. In general, the carriage is not bad, quite

Unsuccessful soft toys from China

My grandson liked the cute soft toy - dog off-color. On the attached label has been written that the product is made in

BY INTEX inflatable machine

Bathing children bought an inflatable boat baby machine BY INTEX. Inflated, the children swam. Everything is nothing

Children's lip gloss Rose Sweetie Cherry Lip Gloss (Rose Sweetie Cherry Lip Gloss) - Very tacky!

Children's lip gloss Rose Sweetie Cherry Lip Gloss (Rose Sweetie Cherry Lip Gloss) bought for sisters, her 7 years.

Children's microscope HM1200-P terrible optics

Kids microscope HM1200-P terrible optics. My eyes get tired of both children and adults. The popular expression:

Laundry detergent ALENKA

With the advent of the kid bought laundry detergent for the washing of children's things ALENKA. My impression-powder

Bath toys TM Munchkin (Myunhkin) "Basketball" - Inconvenient game!

Bath toys TM Munchkin (Myunhkin) "Basketball" I did not like. It proved to be too cumbersome for the

The poor quality of the book.

I bought my daughter a book for " Dot ", manufacturer of umka, ISBN: 9785919417842. It is the toy

Interactive snail «Fisher-price» - not suitable for young children.

Interactive snail «Fisher-price», is not a good selection of toys for children from 6 months. It seems to be i

Stroller Miracle Turn DX Combi - a miracle, but not wheelchair

Stroller Miracle Turn DX Combi stroller was the first year for our first son. We looked narrowly at the other, with

Designer TM Polesie "Samodelkin. Family" - Great Designer!

Designer Polesie "Samodelkin. Family" consists of 120 elements! This designer has a very different and

Children's detergent "Eared nannies" from OAO "Neva Cosmetics" - the perfect hypoallergenic detergent

My child - a sensitive and dry skin prone to allergic reactions, so after his birth, I have tried to minimize the use

Kit TM "Warm Journey" Pleasant journey - this girl love

Not long thought about buying this naborchik of the dolls when picked plemyashke gift for my birthday and I was not

Sandals Top Brown Top lightweight, comfortable and durable.

Sandals Top Brown Top is very handy for the kids in them a solid backdrop, it is convenient to wear, there is a solid

Totto well-designed shoes shoes for kids.

Shoes Totto very high quality, leather, they can quickly remove the shoe and through fastener. Thanks to these same

Children's Mattress Ascona "Baby Funny" - perfect for a child!

We bought this mattress niece in 3 years! He has beautiful coloring, medium hard! If something is spilled, it dries

Tricycle "Smart-Trike Zoo" - all the cool

We have a tricycle "Smart-Trike Zoo", all very cool! The wheels do not make noise, comfortable seat, handle

Floating clay from TM Ray - like children.

My niece was given a floating clay by the TM beam. Products made of this clay did not sink in water. Baby in delight,

A chair for feeding Seca Trona 2R - Throne for a little prince!

The chair is very cute, soft and comfortable. Seat adjustable in 4 positions, quietly changing the height - you can put

Детские gps часы – детки могут ходить гулять одни

Решила поделиться своим мнением о детских умных часах smart baby watch, пользуемся мы ими всего лишь неделю, но очень а

Наш первый подарок на Новый 2017 год уже пришел сыну

Незадолго до нового года нам пришла посылка от крестных родителей нашего мальчика. Чем они хотели удивить нас в этом год

Lego 8293 - you can make the lego move

set offered to buy as an extra in a series of techniques to motorized cars and construction equipment proposed in this

Scooter Y-bike is a great scooter

My daughter has long asked her scooter to buy, and recently we bought her a scooter Y bike - excellent company, quality

Children's magnetic construction magnikon as a gift option for the New 2017

It so happened that my friend and children were born in the same day. The boys have made friends, so everywhere

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