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Formigal - Review

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" Stoptussin-" of Phyto cough

child cough ascribed " Stoptussin-Phyto " remedy for cough, drink for the fourth day, and no. The

Sleeping pills "Denormal" BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

Sleeping pills "Denormal" was prescribed to me when suddenly emerged on the background of stress insomnia. Is this drug

Not shall have effect pills Citramon P

Bought tablet Citramon P, thought to help relieve headaches, but the desired effect they produce, the pain was only

Oxalic cream - still sick

While the children were often used a little of this ointment, applying before going to public places. Result is not

Gepatrombin ointment does not help from thrombosis

I subscribed to the doctor emerged from my thrombosis ointment for external use Gepatrombin. Use the whole tube and

The drug "No-spa" in capsules from Boehringer Ingelheim - a very painful sting

Popal I recently hospitalized with exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. They stabbed me, "But, silos," when I

tablets Gastal no longer help with pain in the stomach!

Hello! It has long been tormented with the stomach, there are new tools, try them, but the result otritsatlny again,

Pills Tonzilotren-effect zero

With sharp temperature shifts and my throat was sore throat is ill-negotovo. Pharmacy Tonzilotren pills was

Lingual tablets Faringosept

The child began to cough heavily. I did not know already what to do. When the temperature rose, then called a doctor.

Theraflu flu and cold lemon

The cold bothered during the week, weekends temperature rose to 38.5 C. the Doctor decided not to call, went to the

The nucleus Forte capsules

The nucleus CMP Forte capsules have been prescribed to treat neuralgia, shingles. Was assigned 10 shots, unfortunately

Aflubin for children

The instructions state that the drop Aflubin can give their children, in addition, doctors are already in the usual

Gel 1% Diclofenac Health

Gel 1% Diclofenac from pharmaceutical companies Health. to my deep regret was not effective in the treatment of leg

Laxative Duphalac (Duphalac)

I walked pregnant, I started having problems with the chair, the doctor prescribed a laxative Duphalac (Duphalac). I

The deceit in all

Bought,thought will remove traces from prymakova read sostavlu month,and all time traces left and pimples became

Baby Cream "Lifeguard" Alpha Intel, Poland is always at hand.

Bare knees - the trouble is all the kids. How many tears shed because of them. How quickly you want to take away the

Imodium capsules. 2mg N20. Manufacturer: Janssen, Belgium. Quick action!

The drug is essential that we have with the family of the sea we go! Always take it with you! Although much more

Balsam "root" of the Siberian Healthcare Corporation - removes the heat

The child has a fever, a cold in kindergarten. While waiting for the doctor, rubbing his double-balm "root"

Nazaval spray for allergies

Nazaval - spray for allergies, has microdispersed cellulose powder, using the inside of the nose forms a film that does


Gastritis I got in high school, I could not eat canteen food. After school usually ran for a workout, not eating, in

Проспан сироп от кашля отхаркивающий

Сироп проспн купила ребенку уже 3 раз, каждый раз выручает, не могу пожаловаться! Лечили им труднооткашливаемый кашель п

Kelimelerin to help women over 40

I want to share my positive experience in the fight against manifestations of menopause. I was afraid the onset of


У меня частенько бывают проблемы со сном, да и нервы шалят тоже не редко, поэтому я решила пропить успокоительное, но ис

cream "Pinosol"

That's the cream, not gel. Very good tool, a natural! Restrictions on age 1 year, but we enjoyed it in 1.5 months.

For the treatment of colds and flu DOCTOR MOM (DOKTOR-MOM) - helps.

As soon as I feel that and starts to get cold sore throat, immediately buy a cure for colds and flu DOCTOR MOM. It

Strengthens the immune system

In that year, the child was sick. Did not have time to kindergarten to take, then almost a month sitting at home. He

Akvadetrim - an aqueous solution of vitamin D3 from Polpharma - best for baby!

In the autumn-winter period, a small child always need vitamin D, since very few sunny days, and with a shortage of

Tablets Cough "mukaltin Forte" Arterium - help

How it so happened that bronchitis for the past two months sick a second time. Many have tried drugs to thin the mucus,

Hlorfillipt Maslen solution - an excellent tool in the fight against sore throat and not only

Hlorfillipt - an excellent tool in the fight against sore throat, especially if you have at home a little kid. Quite a

Easier to cough becomes

If the cough is not treated, it is quite possible after some time passes, and why not. Just how strange not to pay

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