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Sonata - a small selection of cookware - Review

-1 31.10.2011

Sonata - a small selection of cookware

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Shop Sonata like many in Ust-Kamenogorsk. But I somehow did not. There, on the one hand, a wide range of beautiful tableware. But, on the other hand, in our example, there is a family holiday dishes - we use throughout. And now often sold crockery, which is beautiful, but it is inconvenient. For example, teapots and sugar bowls to raise the awkward cover. Or in the teapot spout such a form that is constantly running through it drops. Vendors in the Sonata showed me all the kettles, which they have, but they were quite surprised by my standards. They began to assure me that these dummies does not happen - which does not run the tea spout.

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