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Ointment Widestep - Review

5 27.06.2020

Save for the cracks on the feet

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The summer heat is the time to wear open shoes, but I couldn't afford could for a long time, because my feet were in a deplorable state. Skin quickly thicken and was very ugly, even though I cared about her. Something like a pedicure every 2 weeks helped to resolve this issue, but on dry skin it didn't save me as a bunch of creams for feet, which I bought. One time I went for a pedicure to another wizard, told her about my problem, including about dry skin on the feet. Sometimes the skin is so dried up that much burst( Master told me to buy over the counter videotim and to put the feet while the cracks heal up, and then use it for prevention. At the pharmacy I found a small tube for $ 100, I decided to take a try. The house was very surprised when the result is felt immediately) of Course, the cracks are not immediately healed, but the skin became softer and hydrated, I suppose. I started to use it 2 times a day - morning and evening. Vidistis, by the way, it is not greasy, so in the morning to use it, and then go about their business, generally not difficult. A few days later I took a close look at your feet the cracks healed! Of course, it pleased me) After that I began to use this drug less often - 2 times a day, and only at night. It gave a great effect - the skin was no longer dry like crazy, never had such a terrible growth of skin on heels, they no longer looked so awful. The pedicure I gave up, of course, but I began to go to him less often than usual) So widestep suggest anyone with the same problem as me

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