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Элькар. ООО ПИК-ФАРМА - Review

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Antihrapin, CJSC "Zolotonoshskaya PKF" knocks the breath

My stepfather snores terribly much, so I bought him antihrapin to save his mother from snoring. But antihrapin does not

ACC 100 mucolytic agent disappointed

Applied before ACC 100 for the treatment of an older child, very much, because we syrups cause allergic

Otrivin nasal drops

Otrivin nasal drops. These drops in the nose has applied to cold, creepy was the stuffy nose. Unfortunately I can only

Nifuroxazide from Gedeon Richter

Antibacterial drug Nifuroxazide from Gedeon Richter turned out to be absolutely useless tool in the fight against

Pills Nebelong, 5 mg Micro

The doctor has appointed grandmother in hypertension, Nebelong 5 mg of 1 times a day. After the first application

Nasal drops " Rinazolin " 0.5 mg/ml

Nasal drops " Rinazolin " 0.5 mg/ml for adults from the manufacturer " Farmak "

Pasta Teymurova does not cure diaper rash

Has diaper rash between the toes. Decided to apply Teymurova pasta. Inflicted a week, not even diaper rash decreased.

Reduxine LIGHT didn't help

I tried to lose weight, and now finally the turn of the drug Reduxine LIGHT. Saw for maximum of 6 capsules per day

Upsherin UPSA (Upsarin UPSA)

Husband bought this medication, as flu, on the recommendation of a physician. On the second day I had been taking

No-Spa does not relieve

Usually, no-Spa was well обезболивать, just 20 minutes after taking it. But here is directly't know, maybe fake caught -

Drug medications Rx hepatic protector Phosphogliv

Liver problems, bought the RX hepatic protector phosphogliv. Drug though cheaper counterparts, but still expensive.

Medicine "RІABAL"

My child has had pain in the abdomen - the adaptation of the child after birth. Went to the hospital, the doctor

Syrup "Tussamag" - does not cure

Current volatile, somewhere I caught a cold and could not cure the cough. The pharmacy was advised Syrup

means from a cold Tizin Xilo

Not so long ago I was tortured runny nose. Went to the hospital and the doctor wrote me a cure for runny nose Tizin

Syrup for children Sanofi-Aventis

Syrup for children Sanofi-Aventis. Due to the fact that the composition of the syrup attend dyes and additives, it is

gerbion with primrose helped when the cough

The cough is totally different. Therefore, to treat him too differently need. If sputum is not – he is considered to be

anti-inflammatory drug Nurofen

Today woke up with a terrible headache, which in the course of the day turned into a head-ear-tooth ((drunk

Sublingual tablets Apilak Grindeks

Saw apilak Grindeks (or rather, put the tablet under the tongue three times a day) during pregnancy and was not sick.

Help to get rid of eczema

Ointment Naphtaderm use for treating eczema on hands. Learned about it not so long ago, about half a year ago. Prior

Children Nurofen acts instantaneously, reducing fever in a child

If a child is ill and his temperature rose, we use only proven child Nurofenom that instantly removes heat and reduces

Sitwell – a drug for the normalization and quality of sleep.

A long time dream for me was a problem, then the pharmacy bought a Western new Sitwell. As they say the insomnia

Good for liver support.

Phosphogliv prescribed in complex therapy in the treatment of psoria, together with bathing in sea salt, ointment

Erespal (EURESPAL) from Servier (France) - coughing like a hand lifts

always know yourself that if you start coughing, then recover from it costs a lot of effort and time. I found the most


Recently the doctor prescribed me to drink a monthly course of fleabane, I was worried about swelling in the feet and

Mucosolvan Syrup - a double feeling after application

child to the pediatrician ordered to take Mucosolvan Syrup, taken 3 times daily for 1 teaspoon, washed down with some

Noofen production of JSC "Olainfarm", Latvia, has helped improve performance in school son.

On the advice of the neurologist gave her son for six weeks of drug Noofen production of JSC "Olainfarm",

Sweet taste and pleasant aroma

I don't like to take medication and always escaped traditional methods (honey, legs, hovered, inhalation), but this

Antifungal ointment "Clotrimazole" - effective!

This ointment cream acts as an active fighter with external signs of fungus! The ointment is very effective and have a

Helps with nasal congestion

I'm not going to neither praise or blame is a tool. When nose breathing, no Only not do - dripping nose, 15 minutes

Medical herbal medicine.

Prostanorm not the first year I buy my husband periodically. With chronic prostatitis is not just to live, I don't know

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