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Stopangin - Review

-3 01.03.2015

Stopengine (Stopangin) spray antiseptic TEVA

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Came down with flu, the doctor prescribed Stopengine (Stopangin) spray antiseptic TEVA. When the first time I tried was thought that they would suffocate, there was a feeling that I'm on and its so irritated throat sniggered alcohol, breath stolen or not to breathe and exhale plus still and awful hell. Two days I tortured myself with this spray, throat became so angry that even air to breathe, it was unpleasant. The instructions can be written to children from 8 years, in any case not advised to treat these children, then adults can barely stand it!

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Рекомендую всем, у кого сидячая работа и проблемы с шеей и спиной

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