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Camouflage base coat with shimmer, gingerbread cappuccino, IQ Beauty - Review

5 01.08.2020

Resistant camouflage base!

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Good day! In your opinion to share impressions about their manicure. About 2 years, using the funds of the company IQ beauty.

Recently bought a Camouflage base coat with shimmer. Do them several colors, my favorite is called "Ginger cappuccino." The color is very nice, gentle, with rotovisco. Shimmer small, very pretty sparkles in different colors. The base is great for French.

By itself, the average density consistency, evenly distributed on the nail, looks better in 2-3 thin layers. Finish is also of good quality, as the base self-leveling, calcium. The coating is strong, durable, glossy.

I finish with a sticky layer, in this company he removed with liquid for removing gel Polish. Recently there finish without a sticky layer, it would be interesting to try.

Durability is always excellent - 3-4 weeks, can afford it, as my nails grow stupid.

Overall, I recommend this base, the shades are all beautiful, for all tastes!

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