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Construction hypermarket epicenter in Dnepropetrovsk - just a giant - Review

3 11.02.2012

Construction hypermarket "epicenter" in Dnepropetrovsk - just a giant

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recently decided to venture with her husband and went to a small repair at this recently opened in our town building hypermarket. Took half a day there, even hungry, but did not reach even to the second floor, the building is huge, the choice is so impressive that their eyes get as much of the total represented by the range, there is the plumbing and tile. furniture, glassware, household goods, garden, personal care, and even has a sports and children's departments, in short, everything you need. It's nice that in this hypermarket prices are still an order of magnitude lower than conventional stores.

Tags: "Epicenter", "Epicenter" in Dnepropetrovsk, DIY-store, Dnepropetrovsk

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