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Dry shampoo SYOSS - Review

-4 09.04.2013 | 09 April 2013 at 21:58

Dry shampoo SYOSS

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This acquisition - a complete disappointment. In fact, the bottle has an 8 - 10 times of use, but in reality - 2. Upsetting spray, strongest pressure in the can, so when you do you just find yourself in a white cloud. Be sure to use a towel and move away away from the mirrors. Due to my lack of knowledge of all of my dressing table covered with a white coating, which is not so easy and then remove. Do not understand the meaning of such a gun, because half of the money was left all over the room, not on my hair. Unambiguous negative. Much better to use dry shampoo in a small bottle with a little spray, especially those people who do not have thick hair.

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