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Supermarket Crossroads Mr. Kazan left a good impression. - Review

4 23.09.2011

Supermarket "Crossroads" (Mr. Kazan) left a good impression.

Recently went to a supermarket "Crossroads" (Mr. Kazan). A wide choice of products, low prices, quality service staff left a good impression. In this supermarket would like to come again and again!

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Velmart. Louts

Recently visited the new supermarket "Velmart", adrusu: Kharkiv, Traktorostroiteley Avenue. (Above TRK Ukraine). Very

Eldorado Volgograd, supermarket, quality goods

Bought in the shop Eldorado blu-ray PHILIPS 7700 and resulting in a highly distressed. First, the store Eldorado I

Supermarket Varus Kharkov - dear!

Varus supermarket in Kharkov has an extensive selection of products, but it has more disadvantages than advantages,

Supermarket "ATB" - does not sell costumes for Christmas supermarket

Supermarket "ATB". Disadvantages: long queues at the box office, especially during the holidays, range of

Digma supermarket in Kharkiv Student is not much left a good impression.

I want to share a negative impression, which left a supermarket after being "Digma" located in Kharkov, near

ABC TASTE-price mayhem

just so happens that the closest grocery store to the house - "ABC taste." More reliable shops selling food

Supermarkets "Ike" Izhevsk is the total lack of confidence to buyers!

Was this in the supermarket retail chain, is very indignant at the behavior of the guards, they are literally walking

Hypermarket "Fozzi" ("Fozzy") in Cherry near Kiev

Bought once smoked roach (with giblets). I wanted to drink beer. Drank ... At night, thinking that I was dying. Food

Hypermarket "BIGZZ", Minsk, street intersection. Miroshnichenko and Moscow - the devil break a leg!

With all the convenience of parking near, it is disgusting orientation inside the store. When the product is not even

Shop "Technopolis"

It seems to be a regular supermarket consumer tehniki.Tri times there trying to buy a bag for tovar.Snachala

No service

store "Pyaterochka" on the street. Zavidova. is there a lady in the meat department, rather hamovatye

Supermarket Pyaterochka twists arms buyers

Three days ago, visited a supermarket Pyaterochka in Nizhny Novgorod and the guards saw the fight with the visitor

St. Petersburg "Pyaterochka". The path to oblivion.

Visit the notorious "Pyaterochka" in St. Petersburg. Moreover, in different areas. The result is not much

Shop Cart Street Vagzhanova Tver

In the trap set with carbonation machines vodoy.Krasivye red in detstve.Mozhno with a syrup can dvoynym.Tsena 10 and 15

COMFY shop sells b / a goods

When buying a refrigerator in the store COMFY (Donetsk, st. Stadium, 3D), we tried to sell the refrigerator for more

Great action with chips

I really like the "Class" of shares with chips. She has participated in such actions. Thanks to the chips, bought:

Supermarket "trolley" Tver

I like the network of shops "trolley"! A huge selection of products and all are always of excellent quality!

Supermarket "CLASS", Kharkov, always fresh ready meals!

I just love this supermarket, which is located on the street. Saltivske highway! The room is very comfortable, huge

Cocktail, Nikolaev - a cool supermarket

Cocktail - a cool supermarket. Skuplyaemsya in the buffet with its opening day for the past eight years. I especially

Hypermarket "Magnet" in Vladikavkaz hits record

This is the biggest supermarket in our town. The range of products is huge. There is everything from pens and ending

Shop Telemax Street vagzhanova Tver

Nice hit Telemaksa.Prodavets staff and consultant whose name I can not remember but I remember famitiyu-Truov not

Supermarket "Absolute" in Lugansk - many of purchase please

I can not say that in the supermarket "Absolute" was all smooth so smooth. Sometimes I see it inflated

The best supermarket of electronics Media Markt

always only at the store buying all the electronics, hair dryers, cameras, refrigerators, trimmer and much more, that I

Supermarket Space in Kiev - European quality at the Slavic fashion

Visit the new supermarket (opening date - the end of 2011) and were pleasantly surprised. Although the store owners and

supermarket chain, "Okey"

there is always only buy products. Wide selection, the food has not expired, reasonable prices. I am glad that the

Cocktail - a supermarket chain in Ukraine

large selection of goods, a lot of cash registers, a small place, fast service, cheap prices, almost all the

Supermarket Great Kishenya, Nikolaev - always juicy grilled chicken

I like to shop in this supermarket grilled chicken. Only when the chicken is juicy and truly awesome tasty because it

Supermarket Piglet - Nicholas Klondike

Supermarket Piglet opened we have more than a year ago and I am happy to become his constant shopper. I'm not used

Shop merchant Berezniki Perm. I like variety.

Store Merchant I like his assortment, always a great choice, but still shares all kinds are constantly passing. Very

We prefer to shop in the hypermarket "space", Minsk.

If my family needs to be done once a lot of shopping, we go to the "space" in Shabani, that at the entrance

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