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Supermarket Varus Kharkov - Review

-1 20.06.2012

Supermarket Varus Kharkov - dear!

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Varus supermarket in Kharkov has an extensive selection of products, but it has more disadvantages than advantages, because the supermarket is absolutely idiotic placement of the goods and the prices are much higher than other stores!

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In the trap set with carbonation machines vodoy.Krasivye red in detstve.Mozhno with a syrup can dvoynym.Tsena 10 and 15

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Supermarket "CLASS", Kharkov, always fresh ready meals!

I just love this supermarket, which is located on the street. Saltivske highway! The room is very comfortable, huge

Shop "Silpo" - the cheapest store in Kharkov!

Supermarket Products "Silpo" is the cheapest of those that I have ever had! Products there is always fresh,

Corporate supermarket Roshen, str. Starovokzalna 21 - favorite store of all the sweet tooth of Kiev.

When I first got to the supermarket Roshen, I ran my eyes - so any goodies I have not seen in any store. Cakes,

Stores "Pyaterochka" Perm. Personally, I like!

How many bad things said about these stores, but I was not the first year there zatarivaemsya, I was happy with

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ATB in the tractor builders are very small passage and the market does not vydelâet′sâ the evening, huge size at all of

Hypermarket "OKEY" (St. Petersburg, pr. Education) - one of the best in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg's network of shops "OKEY" very well developed, their mass there. I was two, and I

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