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Supermarket Varus Kharkov - Review

-1 20.06.2012

Supermarket Varus Kharkov - dear!

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Varus supermarket in Kharkov has an extensive selection of products, but it has more disadvantages than advantages, because the supermarket is absolutely idiotic placement of the goods and the prices are much higher than other stores!

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I had no time to make sure that the supermarket chain "sticky" in Lipetsk, sell spoiled food. Especially bad

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cheese bought several times in the magnet on the electronics. Pieces packed in foil, stuck on the label. The label is

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The film is often used products purchased for the week. It may come - they have cargo razruzochnye work, and showcases

Kharkiv supermarket "Target" - terrible!

This supermarket is very bad - the staff there treated as a prisoner - not to eat or not to talk on the phone!

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Bought once smoked roach (with giblets). I wanted to drink beer. Drank ... At night, thinking that I was dying. Food

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On the one hand a good shop, good selection of products and low prices. Plyusuem products of own production here

Supermarkets "Ike" Izhevsk is the total lack of confidence to buyers!

Was this in the supermarket retail chain, is very indignant at the behavior of the guards, they are literally walking

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The other day we went to the supermarket in our Kharkov. We always go there. And we have a small dog, chihuashechka -

Hypermarket Epitsentr - service the floor. m accomodation. Gorodotska, 302

Yes folks, the organization worse service than the hypermarket Epitsentr (m accomodation. Gorodotska, 302) I have not

Supermarket "White Crow", Odessa, there are many useful things for the care of children!

If I need to buy something from the household or the means to care for children, directly go to this supermarket!

Construction hypermarket "epicenter" in Dnepropetrovsk - just a giant

recently decided to venture with her husband and went to a small repair at this recently opened in our town building

Supermarket Auchan (Auchan) in Kiev - since 2008 and in Ukraine: the constant promotions and discounts

This supermarket loyalty to different buyers. There are no cards of regular customers, but there are stocks of goods

Building a supermarket in Kharkiv OBI - cool!

This supermarket contain all of the construction sector. It is possible to find any construction materials, as well as

supermarket "Line" Gomel, Belarus - liked her a great choice

Large supermarket, which is almost all in large quantities. There, as there are for children and adults. I was looking

Supermarket "Oscar" Kherson

Supermarket "Oscar" Kherson Excellent supermarket chain "Oscar" - very convenient, because in the

Stores "Merchant" in Magnitogorsk give fair discount.

We have several stores in the network, but in all a politician. Discounts are added. For example, I have a card of 5%,

Daughter & son - the best for children

Really like this store, here on the weekends, we go as a family. Child to buy toys, clothes, shoes. Statement (when she

Chain stores Viva Perm stores are great, do not cheat the buyer.

None of the stores I've never come across outstanding product, everything is always fresh. Very much like stocks.

Stores "Samberi" - always good products and low price

Food, household products, household and so now I take only Samberi - cheaper than nowhere. The range is huge, there is

Supermarket chain "Bonus", Irkutsk. Supermarket 'bonus', Irkutsk, m-one university, 43

ever I go to this supermarket. And buy food and other essentials. Prices - cheap, choice - a wide, product quality -

Stores "Pyaterochka" Perm. Personally, I like!

How many bad things said about these stores, but I was not the first year there zatarivaemsya, I was happy with

Supermarket "Seventh Continent" in Dubna (Moscow, Degunino Eastern) - I'm glad he is!

I am really thankful that next to the house there is such a wonderful store. The reason for this and its own bakery

Supermarket "Silpo" Kiev - all that is necessary.

I do not like small shops, where salespeople behind the counter desire to listen to customers, and then slowly they

My choice - supermarket "Vopak" Lutsk

In the supermarket "Vopak" sell is always fresh and very tasty cake. Prices are available in the supermarket,

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