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Supermarket Varus Kharkov - Review

-1 20.06.2012

Supermarket Varus Kharkov - dear!

  • on map 49.995144 36.328278 12

Varus supermarket in Kharkov has an extensive selection of products, but it has more disadvantages than advantages, because the supermarket is absolutely idiotic placement of the goods and the prices are much higher than other stores!

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Забота о клиентах

Сдал на тех.обслуживание детский велик в сервисный центр"Декатлон" в Твери. Приняли очень вежливо,выписали квитанцию ,ск

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The supermarket building is very pleasantly surprised me with their prices, quality products and services as well as

Thank you!

Yesterday with friends already close to midnight, went home, decided to go to Class in Alekseyevka. Of course, nobody

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Praktiker in Nikolaev - a great hardware store

Praktiker in Nikolaev - a great hardware store, where I finally was able to buy all the garden accessories at an

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I want to express surprise and, of course, the joy over the fact that there are supermarkets where cashiers are polite

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